Scout Hut Project

Salida Scout Hut Renovation

The Salida Scout Hut will be undergoing extensive renovations beginning early Spring 2017. The estimated closure period will be 9 to 10 months.

We are excited that the Scout Hut will be totally upgraded with new electrical, plumbing, additional restrooms, a catering kitchen, large deck overlooking the river and lots of other features.

We will not be taking reservations for Scout Hut use beginning October 1, 2016 through 2017.

If you are looking for a facility to rent here is a list of other resources that may fit your needs:

Chisholm Park Pavilion – City of Salida 539-6738

Salida SteamPlant – City of Salida 530-0933

Salida Community Center 539-3351
If you are a Scout Troop looking for an overnight rental please call:

Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base

600 US Highway 285

Poncha Springs, CO 81242

Seasonal Phone: Jun-Jul: (719) 539-1139

After renovation, the Scout Hut will no longer be available for overnight stays by Scout Troops. The current building code does not allow for overnight rentals in this zone and the renovation of the facility requires the facility to be in conformance. The Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base is a Scout facility and the management is interested in helping troops with overnight stays.

For more information, please contact Theresa Casey, 719-539-6738.


The Salida Scout Hut was built in 1949 by the Salida Elks and serves as a meeting place for the Scouts as well as a community hall. In the late 1980’s the Scout Hut was given to the City because the Scouts could no longer afford to maintain it. This community facility is used by local and regional scout troops, city recreation programs, and public rentals for weddings and other events.

The Scout Hut is an aged building in need of many upgrades, both aesthetic and structural. The large open indoor space is unique in Salida, with very few other locations available for public use with similar square footage. Its prime location in Riverside Park within downtown Salida makes it a desirable facility in which to hold a variety of events, meetings and programs.

Due to the increased popularity and use by the community, it is crucial at this time to upgrade the plumbing, electricity, and HVAC systems to meet current codes. The current condition of the Scout Hut makes holding events like those described above difficult.

The renovation of this 66 year old building will make certain the building is brought up to modern standards. Through the renovation and maintenance of this structure, the building will be a community gathering and event space for another 66 years. Renovation will lead to intensified use of the facility, enhanced recreational activities, and the Scouts will have a more comfortable space in which to meet and hold events. This facility serves over 500 local and regional Boy Scout troop members.

This project will benefit the entire Salida community. The space serves as a community gathering and meeting space. The renovation will make the facility more appealing to all. Since Salida’s economy relies heavily on tourism, having another top notch event and meeting space will benefit all of Salida.

Salida City staff worked with University of Colorado Technical Assistance and DOLA to create a community driven Master Plan for hut renovation. Community meetings, focus groups and City Council meetings were important elements in the creation of the Plan.

Additionally, Salida Rotary clubs are helping to raise money for this important project. Check out the Facebook page at

The Advertisement for Bids was released on Friday, January 13, 2017 and bid opening is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 9 a.m. at the City of Salida Public Works Department, 340 W. Hwy 291, Salida, CO  81201.

Click the links below for Scout Hut bid documents, drawings and other information including  any Addendum(s):


Scout Hut Plumbing 6030_P-all_01-05-17

Scout Hut Mechanical 6030_M-2_01-05-17

Scout Hut Mechanical 6030_M-1_01-05-17

Scout Hut Electrical 6030_E_all_01-06-17

Architectural SCOUT HUT ADD DRAFT CD (6)_01-06-17

Addendum #1, 2-10-17

Addendum #2, 2-13-17

Salida Scout Hut Building Renovation Project Addendum #1, dated 02-10-17

  1. Please provide information regarding the following project general conditions
    • Amount of Bid Bond (%) –   Bid Security is 5% (Paragraph #6 of Instructions to Bidders)
    • Retainage% – 10% (paragraph 4 in Agreement)
    • Liquidated Damages – $.01% of contract price per day beyond the completion date (paragraph 2 in Agreement)
    • Warranty Period – One year from Project Acceptance Date (paragraph 15 in Agreement)
    • Payment Bonds Required? – Yes, payment and performance bonds are a requirement (paragraphs 8 & 9 in Agreement)
  1. Due to the nature of getting information from Excel Energy regarding the new electrical service and the cost thereof, we recommend setting a bid allowance for this item.  Your thoughts??

– Yes, please provide a bid allowance for Excel Energy’s new electrical service

  1. Is a payment and performance bond required for this project?  Is so, is a bid bond required for this project?

– Yes, a payment, performance and bid bond are required (see above responses and Agreement)

  1. I do not see a specific bid form in the package that is on the City of Salida website.  Is there a specific bid form?

– The bid form is included in the Bid Documents, which can be accessed via City of Salida’s website. Please contact Kevin Crowley,, if you are having any issues accessing any project documents on their website

  1. Are there any additional specifications other than the specifications listed on the drawings?

– All specifications are noted directly on the project drawings

  1. During the walkthrough, the architect mentioned that the roofing was to match the Porch.  The specification on the drawing A3.1 references a 24 ga PBR.  It appears that the material on the roof is a Metal Sales Image ll or a ABC SL-16.  Typically this roof is manufactured in a 26 ga.   Notes on A9 reference 26 ga.  Please clarify how to bid the roof.

– 26 ga. is acceptable. The new painted metal roof color shall match the existing front porch metal roof color

  1. Is it acceptable to give contractor voluntary alternates with the alternate and the corresponding price change on this bid.

– The owner is open to receiving any and all possible alternate suggestions that would potentially reduce construction cost and add value to the project.  In order to maintain fair comparisons of the submitted bids the owner still requires that each bidder submit their base bid as per the current design. Bidders will be allowed to attach a separate alternate cost sheet to their Base Bid Form, for the owner’s review and consideration.

  1.  What will be the building’s occupant load?

– 282 occupants

End of Addendum #1, 02-10-17

Salida Scout Hut Building Renovation Project Addendum #2, dated 02-13-17

  1. Please provide additional general clarifications regarding the project’s Fire Alarm System

– The fire alarm system is intended to be installed as a design/ build, meeting the requirements of NFPA 72 (the “C” referenced in the specification is incorrect)

– Upon receipt of contract, the successful bidder shall prepare fire alarm plans in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 72 and the requirements of the City of Salida Fire Department (719) 539-2212

–  The fire alarm plans shall be submitted for review to the City of Salida Fire Department/ Fire Chief

– Upon receiving approval from the City of Salida Fire Department, the plans shall be submitted to the Architect for architectural/ engineering review

– The fire alarm sub-contractor shall be approved by or shall have supervision by the manufacture of the fire alarm system equipment being installed

– The fire alarm panel is to be installed on the south wall of the west entry lobby

– The fire alarm system shall be monitored with a leased line direct to the Salida Fire Department Central Dispatch

– Final testing and commissioning of the fire alarm system shall be done under the supervision of the Salida Fire Department

Please note that Paragraph 1.03.2C in the NFPA 72 is not applicable. The Scout Hut project does not include a fire sprinkler system

End of Addendum #2, 02-13-17