Salida Mountain Trails

Overview of Salida Mountain Trails system

Salida Mountain Trails, and their parent organization Salida-area Parks, Open Space and Trails (SPOT) have partnered with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the City to construct miles of new and improved trails in the area behind Tenderfoot Mountain and along the shoulder of Methodist Mountain.

Salida Mountain Trails is an all volunteer group dedicated to constructing, improving and maintaining a system of non-motorized recreational trails on public lands located both north and south of the city of Salida. From a confusing network of user created, unsustainable, and sometimes illegal trails in the Arkansas Hills area south of town, Salida Mountain Trails has partnered with the city & BLM to build & rehabilitate a stacked system of environmentally sensitive trails that are accessible from downtown Salida. Last year’s accomplishments in the Arkansas Hills area included the completion of North Backbone, as well as improvements on Upper Sand Dunes, Pauli and erosive sections of Unkle Naztys.

Click for a larger view of the Arkansas Hills Trails Map

In 2011, Prospector has already been rehabilitated, work has begun on a beginner trail in the Arkansas Hills Open Space, and efforts continue to secure an easement to allow construction of South Backbone.

The Methodist Mountain area saw the completion of the Little Rainbow Trail, which links CR 110 to the Racetrack & Lost trailhead just off the Burmac Road in 2010 as well as construction of trailhead parking areas at both ends. This year, the western extension of the Little Rainbow is underway with trail design and mapping.

Volunteers meet most Saturdays to work on the trails with major volunteer efforts on the second Saturday of each month. More information about trail building efforts and how to volunteer can be found at Salida Mountain Trails.