Salida Crossings Planned Development

Duane Cozart who is representing Salida Crossings is requesting Major Impact Review Approval for the following:

Planned Development overlay zoning over 3.15 acres currently zoned C-1 (Commercial District) within the Highway 50 Corridor Overlay, for the purpose of revising standards for building height, residential density, parking and related standards as part of the Salida Crossings Development Plan located at 1520 Highway 50, Salida, Colorado. The proposed project is a mixed-use development including retail, office and residential uses.

Salida Crossings written narrative

Proposed site plan and Landscape Plan

Proposed elevations

Salida Crossings shadows – video

Salida Crossing shadows – video Illinois Avenue

View of proposed Salida Crossings – looking east

View of proposed Salida Crossings – looking west

View from Illinois Ave. – proposed Salida Crossings 

Front view – proposed Salida Crossings