Budget Task Force


Specific tasks assigned to the task force will be:

  • Evaluate the City’s rate and fee schedule for water and sewer in 2014.
  • Review the City’s 2014 merit pay plan.


Members shall consist of three elected officials and two members of city staff. There shall be no specified term but all members serve at the pleasure of the Council. The two city staff members will not have voting privileges.

Initial members are:

  • Hal Brown—Chairman
  • Eileen Rogers
  • Cheryl Brown-Kovacic
  • Dara MacDonald (staff)
  • Jan Schmidt (staff)

Supporting staff shall be designated from time to time by the City Administrator as requested by the task force and shall at all times be available to assist and advise the task force as necessary.


The task force has no regular scheduled meetings but shall meet as required to accomplish their mission. Meetings for the purpose of gathering input from the public or disseminating information to the public shall be scheduled and publicized to elicit maximum public participation.


The task force will receive and review any related financial data.

The task force will prepare and present findings and recommendations on assigned tasks not later than March 4, 2014.