2016 C and Teller Street Rehab

The street rehab is in full swing!

September 5, 2016

from 7 am to 6 pm

We should be wrapping up the C Street portion of this project by the 3rd of September and opening the street up to local traffic on that weekend. As promised, to reduce ... more »

June Sales Tax Collections up 8.3%

Collections of the City of Salida’s 3% sales tax for the month of June totaled $517,900. This represents an increase of $39,648, or 8.3%, from June 2015. Year-to-date collections totaled $2,388,170 which was $156,791 or 7.0% greater than the YTD for same period a year ago. Please review the full “Sales Tax Trend Report” for ... more »

Back Flow Prevention & Cross-Connection Control for the Water System

City of Salida Public Works personnel have been conducting state-mandated surveys to check for cross connection identification for hazards that could potentially damage the city's water supply.  The staff will continue the surveys until each account has been examined.  These surveys do not include single family dwellings at this time.  If hazards are identified, you will ... more »

[Cancelled] Planning Commission Meeting 08 22 2016

The August 22, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting has been cancelled and will be rescheduled to a date that is yet to be determined. more »

Salida Scout Hut Renovation

The Salida Scout Hut will be undergoing extensive renovations beginning early Spring 2017. The estimated closure period will be 9 to 10 months. We are excited that the Scout Hut will be totally upgraded with new electrical, plumbing, additional restrooms, a catering kitchen, large deck overlooking the river and lots of other features. We will not be ... more »

Agenda for the NRCDC Meeting 08 16 2016

The agenda is now available for the August 16, 2016 NRCDC Meeting. NRCAgenda20160816 more »

Agenda and Packet Materials for City Council Meeting 08 16 2016

The agenda and packet are now available for the August 16, 2016 City Council Meeting. CityCouncilAgenda20160816 CityCouncilPacket20160816 REGULAR MEETING CALLED TO ORDER – PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Led by Mayor Jim LiVecchi ROLL CALL PRESENTATION Chaffee County Housing Trust (Read McColloch) CITIZEN PARTICIPATION Citizen participation is for items not on the agenda and for agenda items that are not scheduled ... more »

Agenda and Packet Materials for City Council Work Session 08 15 2016

The agenda and packet are now available for the August 15, 2016 City Council Work Session. CityCouncilAgenda20160815_Worksession CityCouncilPacket20160815_WorkSession Joint Salida City County & Planning Commission Work Session  

  1. Conceptual Review of Altamont Annexation
  Discussion Points  
  1. Special Revenue Funds
  2. Hiring Timeline for City Administrator
 more »

Request for Proposal – SteamPlant Carpet Project

Request for Proposals for Carpet Replacement due no later than 2:00 p.m. MST on Monday, August 15, 2016. Responses received late will be returned unopened. Bids are to be mailed or delivered to the City of Salida, 448 E. First Street, Suite 112, Salida Colorado 81201. A pre-bid meeting will be held on August 8, ... more »

Agenda for the NRCDC Meeting 08 02 2016

The agenda is now available for the August 02, 2016 NRCDC Meeting. NRCAgenda20160802 more »