Agenda for the NRCDC Meeting 11 08 2016

The agenda is now available for the November 08, 2016 NRCDC Meeting. nrcagenda20161108 more »

G Street Curb & Gutter Project

Avalanche Excavating, Inc. will begin work on the 2016 G Street Curb and Gutter Repair Project at the corner of G and 3rd Streets starting Monday, November 7th.  The existing sidewalks, curb and gutter will be replaced and a pressure reducing valve under the street will be removed. Any customers that may have possible disruptions in water ... more »

Agenda and Packet Materials for City Council Meeting 11 01 2016

The agenda and packet are now available for the November 1, 2016 (6:00P.M.) City Council Meeting. citycouncilagenda20161101 citycouncilpacket20161101 REGULAR MEETING CALLED TO ORDER – PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Led by Mayor James LiVecchi ROLL CALL PRESENTATION CITIZEN PARTICIPATION Citizen participation is for items not on the agenda and for agenda items that are not scheduled public hearings. SCHEDULED ITEMS Consent Agenda (Christian ... more »

Agenda and Packet Materials for City Council Work Session 11 02 2016

The agenda and packet are now available for the November 2, 2016 (6:00 P.M.) City Council Work Session. citycouncilagenda20161102_worksession citycouncilpacket20161102_worksession

  1. Trans Regional Plan Report – Terry Howerter
  2. Hunt & Palmer Street Design – Joe DeLuca
 more »

Riverside Park Playground Ribbon Cutting

The City of Salida is proud to host another playground ribbon cutting at 11:00 A.M. on Friday, October 28th at Riverside Park.  Riverside Park is located in Historic Downtown Salida at the intersection of Sackett Avenue and F Street. The Salida City Council has committed to the replacement of all of the city playgrounds, one ... more »

Agenda for the NRCDC Meeting 10 25 2016

The agenda is now available for the October 25, 2016 NRCDC Meeting. nrcagenda20161025 more »

Audit Committee Meeting 10 24 2016

The agenda for the October 24, 2016 Audit Committee Meeting is now available. audit-committee-agenda-20161024 more »

Agenda and packet materials for the Planning Commission meeting 10 24 2016

The Planning Commission will meet Monday, September 26, 2016 in City Council Chambers at 6:00 pm.  Below are the agenda and packet material’s for the meeting.  BECAUSE THE PACKET WAS SO LARGE THERE ARE TWO PARTS, PLEASE OPEN EACH PART INDIVIDUALLY. Agenda PC Packet - Part I PC Packet - Part II more »

Preliminary 2017 First Budget Draft

The preliminary first draft of the 2017 City of Salida Budget is now available. preliminary-first-2017-draft-budget more »