Forms and Applications

The majority of forms and applications available on the website are listed here. Many forms can be completed electronically (using Acrobat) and submitted by email.

Amplified Sound Permit Form 2018
Application for Special Events Liquor Permit DR 8439
Arborist License Application
Asbestos Information from CDPHE

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the paperless system the city uses for processing automatic payments. Residents must complete an authorization agreement form in order to participate.

Birth Certificate Application Form
Boards and Commissions Application
Building Code Appeal Application

Use this application for appeals to an interpretation of building codes.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements
Chisholm Park Application and Park Provisions
Chisholm Park Dos and Don’ts
City of Salida Employment Application
Community Funding Request Form 2015
Death Certificate Request Form
Demolition Permit

A permit is required for any demolition within the City of Salida.

Dimensional Standards

This cover sheet is required for all building permits in the City of Salida.

Fire Department pre-inspection checklist
Incident Report Form
Irrigation Credit Request Form

Salida Municipal Code Section 13-3-30(c)(8) allows the Billing Department to issue a credit to commercial/industrial customers for water used to irrigate large vegetated areas. This credit is determined by the Billing Department based on historical usage patterns and irrigation practices to estimate the volume of water usage requiring wastewater treatment. Seasonality of businesses is considered. This Form must be completed and approved to document all billing adjustments. Explain any special circumstances below.

Requests for an irrigation credit must be received by the City of Salida Utilities no later than 15 days before the end of the 2nd and 3rd quarters (June 15th & September 15th)

Lodging Occupation Tax – Agent Designation Form

Use this form if you represent an owner of business with a vacation rental.

Lodging Occupation Tax Registration, Update or Closure Form

New lodgers must complete this form to register their business with the City. Any existing lodgers use this form to report any changes or to close their account.


Use this form to file quarterly Lodging Occupation Tax Returns.

Occupation Lodging Tax Form 2019 – Fillable
Open Records Request Form
Park Application B
Park Rental Application A 2015
Park Rental Application B 2016
Park Rental Application C 2015
Permit to Cut City Tree
Release of Records
Short-Term Rental Application and Inspection Checklist v5
Short-Term Rental Renewal and Inspection Forms 2019
Sign – Comprehensive Sign Plan

Use this form to create an overall sign plan for a building or site with multiple tenants

Sign Permit Application

Apply for a rebate of the city sales tax paid on solar systems installed within the city.

Street Closure Petition writable
Tree Adoption Application