Financial Documents

We are committed to making financial information available to residents, stakeholders, and other interested parties. These documents are also available for review at city hall.

Adopted 2020 Budget

Adopted 2020 Budget

Audited Annual Financial Reports

Adopted Budgets

Interim Financial Reports Q4 reports were previously not included because the annual audit served as the final report for those years.

Monthly Sales Tax Reports

Interim Financial Reports

Capital Investments  Capital spending identified by revenue source compared to the annual budget can be found here.  It should be noted that capital spending in budget reports differs from the audited financial statements due to a $500 materiality threshold in the Salida Municipal Code 4-30-50(a) versus the $5,000 materiality threshold in the 2004 policy adopted under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Special Presentations and Other Information  A variety of different reports and presentations that staff or elected officials believe the public may find useful are listed below.

Required Reports

Key Policies & Procedures  Internal control is broadly defined as the process established and implemented to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of objectives in the following categories: (1) Effectiveness and efficiency of operations; (2) Reliability of financial reporting; (3) Compliance with applicable laws. Links to a few policies and procedures establishing components of the City’s overall control framework are provided below.