Land Use Code Rewrite

The City of Salida is updating and modernizing its current Land Use Code(LUC), which has been updated piecemeal over decades, and has not undergone a comprehensive update since 2012.  The Land Use Code is Chapter 16 of the Salida Municipal Code and includes zoning, design, historic preservation, and sign requirements for the City.  Today, some LUC regulations are overly complex or inflexible, and in some cases, provisions contradict each other.  The LUC will be amended to better align with the City’s 2013 Comprehensive Plan and other key policy documents related to land use and development, such as the recently adopted Future 50 Corridor Plan, and the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan that is currently underway.  The City is working with Clarion Associates, a national land use consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado, on this project that kicked off in early December 2019 with expected adoption of an updated Land Use Code by October 2021.