Salida Utilities

The city provides water and sewer service under “The Salida Utilities.” Operations are handled by a combination of dedicated plant operators and staff members who allocate time between other departments of the city. Financially, the Salida Utilities are operated as a self-supporting enterprise fund. It is separate from the general fund, which is primarily supported by tax revenue. This page is oriented toward information customers may need about service and billing. Additional information about the internal operations of our water and sewer departments may be found under the “Departments” section of this site.

Bills and Administrative Matters
Bills are prepared and mailed to customers at the end of each month, and the payment is due on the 20th of the following month. Payments may be hand delivered to a drop box in the parking lot of the Touber Building, brought inside to City Hall or mailed to Salida Utilities, 448 E. 1st St., Suite 112, Salida, CO 81201.

Customer billing, collections, and most administrative matters are handled by staff in the City’s finance department. The Finance Director is responsible for maintaining and updating the chapter in the Salida Municipal Code that governs utilities; however, the City Council must adopt any changes to the code with an ordinance. Water restrictions spelled out in the code are enforced by the police department.

Water and Wastewater Transmission
Salida’s Public Works department maintains the water and sewer infrastructure, including the main lines and water meters. Should you suspect a leak or a line break, contact the public works department.

Water Treatment
The Water Plant Manager is responsible for the treatment and delivery of all water to the city water system. The city water system is required to meet stringent water quality control standards that are implemented and enforced by the Colorado Department of Health. These standards include daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual testing of certain parameters for each water source. Salida has three water sources, which constitute three separate treatment and pumping facilities.

The Water Plant Manager supervises all phases of treatment and maintenance and is also responsible for all daily, weekly and monthly accounting, and storage of Salida’s excess water credits. Plant personnel are responsible for ensuring that the water treatment facility, equipment, storage tanks and pump station are properly maintained and repaired. The grounds on all three sites are also maintained by plant personnel.

Wastewater Treatment
The Wastewater Treatment Plant operates under a permit from the State of Colorado to treat waste from Salida, and Poncha Springs, as well as all septic waste from the surrounding area. Plant personnel are responsible for all plant operations, maintenance, and monitoring of the facility. The plant also provides laboratory services for the surrounding area. The Wastewater Plant Manager supervises the facililty, including the laboratory, biosolids process, and maintenance of the facility.