Police Operations / Services

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The patrol division is the backbone of our department. The patrol division is tasked with traffic patrol, answering calls for service, school functions, investigating crimes, etc.

Currently, there are two Lieutenants, three patrol Sergeants, and 12 patrol officers assigned to this division.

We respond to many calls for service each year and are proud of the fact that we respond within three minutes, on average. The officers make a majority of the arrests in the department. Typical of a small agency, each officer investigates most of his cases to a conclusion, but can request the investigator to assist, if needed.

Traffic patrol is handled by each patrol officer as time permits. Each traffic unit is typically outfitted with a radar that is used to monitor traffic speeds/flows on the streets of Salida. The department also has a speed trailer that we use in various locations to monitor traffic speeds and also to let the motoring public know what their speeds are.

If you have any concerns in your neighborhood or questions for our patrol division, please contact us at 719-539-6880.


The Investigation Unit at the Salida Police Department is headed up by a Detective. This position is supervised by the Chief of Police. Patrol officers are expected to work their own cases to completion; however, if this is not possible, the case may be given to the investigator. The investigator also works closely with the District Attorney’s Office, Coroners Office, the Department of Social Services, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the Chaffee County Drug Task Force and the Chaffee County Sheriffs Office. The investigators, along with Lieutenant, are solely responsible for evidence entry and disposition within the department.


The Salida Police Department has partnered with  Chaffee County, creating the Chaffee County Tactical Team. The Chaffee County Tactical Team is comprised of law enforcement officers, SWAT officers, Tactical Emergency, and Medicine (TEMS) Medics. Each team member is cross-trained in a variety of fields. As a result, this team is equipped and trained and is capable of responding to a wide variety of disasters, both man-made or natural.

The team regularly attends specialized training programs for rural environments and operations. This team is comprised of highly skilled and motivated professionals from our area agencies.

The Chaffee County Tactical Team has also sought and obtained the assistance of medical professionals to create a TEMS unit as a functional part of the response team in the event of emergency medical needs for both team members and that of innocent victims. The team has various tools and specialized equipment that they train with and use when needed.

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The Chaffee County Drug Task Force is dedicated to identifying, investigating, and impacting drug crimes and criminals in Chaffee County.  The task force is comprised of representatives from Salida Police Department, Chaffee County Sheriff’s Department and Buena Vista Police Department.

The Drug task Force provides training for law enforcement officers and community education on both licit and illegal drug abuse.

The main goals of the Chaffee County Drug Task Force are to:

  • Target, investigate, arrest, and prosecute mid to upper-level drug dealers and drug trafficking organizations.
  • Support Chaffee County law enforcement agencies addressing “street level” drug issues.
  • Partner with and educate members of the community about substance abuse issues and work together to identify community-based solutions.
  • Team with citizens, businesses, and civic groups to incorporate sustained solutions to the illegal drug situation in the area.

For information, please contact Lieutenant Spencer Blades (sblades@salidapolice.com) or Lieutenant Rob Martellaro (rmartellaro@salidapolice.com)



School resource officers (SROs) are sworn law enforcement officers who are responsible for providing security and crime prevention services in the American school environment. SRO programs aim to provide safe learning environments in our nation’s schools, provide valuable resources to school staff members, foster positive relationships with youth, develop strategies to resolve problems affecting youth, and protect all students, so they can reach their fullest potentials.

For information, please contact Officer David Close dclose@salidapolice.com or Officer Harry Peele hpeele@salidapolice.com.