Police Communications

Business Phone: 719-539-2596

Communications for the Salida Police Department is provided by Chaffee County Communications Center. Chaffee County provides a full service dispatch center, which includes 9-1-1, Fire reports, Police emergencies, Medical calls, etc. The Dispatch Center is a 24 hour operation, staffed by 12 full time personnel.

The Communications Center dispatches for Salida Police, Chaffee County Sheriffs Office, Buena Vista Police Dept, All Fire Departments in Chaffee County, Search and Rescue, Colorado State Parks, and Chaffee County EMS.

Dispatchers go through an extensive on the job training program and must become Colorado Crime Information Center (CCIC) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) certified within six months of being hired. Dispatchers must also become certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) and CPR during their training program, and are able to assists with medical emergencies until assistance arrives. Dispatchers are also certified in the National Incident Management System (NIMS), ICS100 and IC 700.

The communications staff is responsible for several business phone lines and “9-1-1” calls, Crimestoppers calls- basically all emergency calls within Chaffee County. A state of the art “enhanced 911 systems” allows our staff to see where most landline phone calls are coming from, cell phone calls are a little different, and staff can get a general location of where the call is coming from if the cell phone being used is complaint with FCC Phase II wireless standards. VoIP is also different, and is only as good as the information that the user has provided to the Internet Service Provider. The Communications Center also has CodeRED® which is an emergency notification system so that dispatchers can call residents within a certain area or zip code.