How can I get a copy of my records or a police report?

The Records Department holds all City and County Records. The Salida Police Department does not hold records.

For Case Reports – Contact the Records Department (719-539-2814) and give them your case number, which is on the back of the business card the police officer gave you. The cost is $5.00 up to 5 pages and $1.00 per additional page. Reports are usually processed within 5 days and are ready for print to the public.


Records Department Information



When do I need a VIN inspection and how do I get one?

People often need a Vehicle Identification Number Inspection for out-of-state titles, changing body types (example: bus to a flat bed trailer), or proof of no VIN.

To obtain a VIN inspection:

  1. Pay $20.00 at City Hall, which is located in Suite 112 of the Touber Building (448 E. 1st Street, Salida).
  3. Call (719)539-2596 to schedule VIN, let Dispatch know if you will drive vehicle to department or if car is at your home.
  4. A Police Officer will either meet you at your house (if within the City limits) OR at Salida Police Department (Suite 274 of the Touber Building).



Can the PD help me locate lost property?

Found property is sometimes turned into the Salida Police Department. If a drivers license is found and turned into the Front Office, we will make every attempt to contact the owner. If we are able to contact the owner, the license can then be mailed or picked up.

You are always welcome to call the Salida Police Department whenever you lose an item. Quite frequently, the item is turned in, undisturbed. Salida has honest citizens!

If your lost item has not been found, you can call the Mountain Mail Newspaper (719-539-6691) to:
• Find out if has been turned in their office
• Place a free “lost” ad in the classified ad section describing your item, place and date lost.



When will my property be released by the PD?

If the Salida Police Department has any of your belongings held as evidence in a case, the following steps are followed for return (items will not be returned until the case is closed, meaning the case has gone to court and defendant has been sentenced):

  • Call the Police Department (719)539-6880 and find out if the item(s) are available to be released.
  • If the Police Department does not have written verification of release of property, the District Attorney w will need to be contacted to inquire about the case.
  • Once the necessary Release of Property paperwork has reached SPD, you will need to make an appointment with the Detective or the Lieutenant to retrieve your property.
  • Please call the Police Department to schedule appointments with either of them.



How do I get a restraining order?

Start with the instructions for obtaining a protection order, available from the State of Colorado. Additional forms may be needed.

If you need help filling out the restraining order packet, call Gina Baitlan at (719) 539-4251.



Can I obtain a set of fingerprints from the PD?

The Salida Police Department does not fingerprint adults. You will need to contact IdentoGO to make an appointment by calling (844)321-2124 or visit www.identogo.com. Appointments can be made on Thursdays: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM. IdentoGO operates out of the Mt. Antero Room in the Touber Building – 448 E. 1st Street, Suite 228 in Salida.



How do I register my dog / cat with the City?

The City of Salida no longer requires dog or cat licenses. A voluntary registration program is available through the Arkansas Valley Humane Society if you wish to register your pet. Being included in AVHS’s database can help reconnect you with your pet in the event he or she is ever lost.

The City’s registration requirement was primarily intended to ensure that pet owners kept up with the required rabies vaccination. Rabies has been eliminated as a significant public health risk in most parts of the developed world largely due to local vaccination laws. According to the World Health Organization, the prevention of human rabies must be a community effort involving both veterinary and public health officials.

Rabies is a viral disease maintained in domestic and wild carnivores and bats all over the world. It is transmitted to other animals and humans through close contacts with saliva from infected animals (i.e. bites, scratches, licks on broken skin and mucous membranes). Once symptoms of the disease develop, rabies is fatal to both animals and humans.



Can I request a civil standby?

The police department will have an officer do a civil stand-by for up to 10 minutes. Arrangements need to be made several hours in advance, if possible, by calling Dispatch at 719-539-2596. Examples of use: divorce, eviction, child custody, or parent/child argument.



Can I register my bicycle with SPD?

Bicycle registration is no longer offered. It is highly recommended that bicycle owners take a photo of their bicycle and copy the serial number for your own records. If your bike is ever stolen/recovered, this will make it much easier to track and identify.