Code Enforcement

Our Mission

The Mission of the City Code Enforcement Division it to provide safety and public service to the citizens of the Salida while protecting the welfare of domestic animals as well as maintaining the integrity of the Salida City Code that education and enforcement.

The Code Enforcement Officer conducts investigations concerning animal issues such as dogs at large and barking dogs as well as investigating Salida City Code Violations such as building code and maintenance issues.

Duties of the Code Enforcement Officer include:

  • Evaluation of sick or injured animals.
  • Apprehend and impound loose dogs.
  • Investigate complaints of animal cruelty or neglect.
  • Educate citizens about responsible animal ownership.
  • Investigate complaints of Salida City code violations pertaining to the property maintenance code.
  • Enforce Salida City Codes pertaining to parking and non-criminal code violations.

In any case where an animal is impounded, the owner is responsible for any impound fees subject to a possible citation.

Our department would like to welcome you to our area and would remind you that for the safety of your beloved pet, please keep your dog leashed at all times while in public.

In reference to the Property Maintenance Code or Building issues, please contact the Salida Code Enforcement Officer or the Salida Public Works Department prior to starting any projects. This will facilitate better cooperation and avoid project conflicts prior to starting the project. Any questions regarding fees should be addressed with the Salida City Hall.

  • Salida Code Enforcement 719-539-6880
  • Salida Public Works 719-539-6257
  • Salida City Hall 719-539-4555