Zoning & Land Use

Zoning and Address Map
To find the zoning for a property take a look at this Address & Zoning Map

Land Use Code
Available on the right side of the screen under Related Files are the individual chapters that comprise Chapter 16 of the Salida Municipal Code – Land Use and Development.

Development Review
The City has adopted laws that regulate the use of land and the design of most commercial and residential projects. The purpose of these laws is to protect the health, safety and welfare of community residents and visitors. Laws, such as the Land Use Code, require that people submit applications for project approval to the Community Development Department. This review evaluates the proposals for consistency with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and all other applicable plans and regulations. These applications are acted on by the Community Development Director and/or citizen commissions, as appointed by the City Council, such as the Planning Commission and the Historic Preservation Commission. Some of the more complex development projects are acted on by the City Council.

Please contact the Community Development Department to discuss your project and determine what, if any, applications or review are required.

Chapter 16 of the Salida Municipal Code, Land Use and Development, establishes standards for the size and location of structures; uses within structures or unenclosed uses; and off street parking or other improvements required for allowed uses. Community Development Department staff reviews plans and permit applications for compliance with code established standards.

The various applications for current planning review are available on the Community Development page.

Applicants are required to submit fees to cover the cost of their applications and any outside review by professionals. All of these fees are addressed in the Development Services Fee Schedule adopted by the City Council.

Historic Preservation
Projects involving exterior alterations to designated local landmarks or properties within the Downtown Historic District require review by the Historic Preservation Commission.