Regional Planning

The City of Salida and Chaffee County signed an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) in 2008 – revised in 2010-, and subsequently established the Salida Regional Planning Commission to plan for growth and development for the area around Salida. The IGA and associated map identify areas of joint concern surrounding Salida and lay out the review process for development in those areas.

2010 Regional Planning IGA
Joint Planning Map 2010

Regional Planning Commission

The Salida Regional Planning Commission (RPC) meets as needed on the third Wednesday of each month and at least once every quarter. The RPC is composed of three members from both the Salida Planning Commission and the Chaffee County Planning Commission.

Regional Transportation Plan

The Salida Regional Transportation Plan was adopted by both the City of Salida and Chaffee County in 2009. The task of preparing this plan was untaken by the Salida Regional Planning Commission formed under the IGA between the County and the City.

This plan was created with these five main ideas in mind: (1) to respond to existing transportation patterns, (2) to be proactive in providing transportation for the future, (3) to alleviate pressures on our current transportation network; (4) to provide route alternatives; and (5) to encourage other modes of travel.

While many of the ideas generated in this plan have been citizen driven, there still remains the challenge of balancing public participation and professional planning practices. This document is intended to be used to help guide development around the periphery of the City, set priorities for transportation improvements and to seek grants and additional funding for the transportation infrastructure around Salida.

Salida Regional Transportation Plan – Section 1

Salida Regional Transportation Plan – Section 2