Building & Construction

Salida contracts with Chaffee County to administer all building permits within the municipality. Building permits must be submitted to the City for review for zoning compliance and fire safety. Following City review permits are forwarded to the County for review and administration. Demolition permits for buildings outside of the Downtown Historic District may be submitted directly to the Chaffee County Building Department.

Shriners in the 2009 FIBArk Parade

Shriners in the 2009 FIBArk Parade. Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman

Effective January 1, 2008 the City adopted the 2006 International Codes for Building, Residential, Existing Buildings, Plumbing, Mechanical, Energy Conservation, Fuel Gas and Property Maintenance. Also effective August 21, 2011 we operate under the 2011 National Electrical Code. For more information on the adopted codes contact the Chaffee County Building Safety Departmentat (719) 539-2124.

Fees for Building Permit Review and Inspection:

Salida Fire Department

Salida Fire Department. Photo Credit: Salida Museum

The City of Salida collects $30 for each residential building permit and $100 for commercial and multi-family permits, due at the time the application is submitted. Chaffee County will collect additional fees based on the value and type of construction. Information on fees due to the County is included in the building permit application.

Additional fees payable to the City may include water or sewer system development fees, open space or school fees. These will vary depending on the subdivision where the project is located and whether additional utilities are needed.

Fees for Fire Department Plan Review and Inspection:

The City of Salida collects fees for construction and subdivision projects requiring fire department review. These fees are collected with each subdivision application or at the time of building permit submission for commercial and multi-family projects.

Fire Supression Systems (Sprinklers)

Commercial and multi-family projects may require the installation of fire supression systems. Please contact the fire department for more information on whether your project will require sprinklers. All such systems must be reviewed, inspected and approved by the State of Colorado Department of Public Safety.

State of Colorado
Department of Public Safety
Division of Fire Safety
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