Operations of the city are organized under the following departments, all of which report to the City Administrator:

The city employs just over 100 employees, although only half are full-time staff members. The city’s success in attracting and retaining competent, professional, and results-oriented staff is critical to delivering upon the needs of the community.

An important aspect of the City’s ability to meet the expectations of the residents is for employee behavior to be geared to the very best interests of the City, rather than tied to the needs or desires of an individual or a single department within the City.  While these City interests are articulated by the Mayor and City Council and implemented by the Administrator, it is incumbent upon each department head and employees that the best interests of the City are a priority.

The City Council values employee behaviors, contributions and achievements that demonstrate concern for the well-being of the City, its citizens and co-workers. We expect employees to continually learn, increase their skills as well as to apply root cause analysis in problem-solving. Customer service skills to further the mission and goals of the community are considered a foundational requirement. We value proactive identification of opportunities to partner with or reach out to the community.