How is my water / sewer bill calculated?

The amount of your bill from the City of Salida (The Salida Utilities) for water and sewer service is made up of multiple components.

Flat monthly fees are charged for service from the time a tap is first purchased.

Your bill also includes an amount for usage based on water meter readings.

  • Water usage charges for both residential and commercial / industrial customers are based on actual water used each quarter.
  • For residential customers, the sewer usage on your bills is based on water meter readings from January to March rather than the spring, summer and fall months when residents are watering lawns and gardens.
  • Commercial and industrial customers pay for sewer usage based on the actual water reading. However, they may apply for a credit against sewer charges if they irrigate large vegetated areas and a substantial portion of their water usage is not processed through the sewer system.

Residential customers also pay a water maintenance fee to pay a flat fee each month that is used for repairing leaks or replacing primary service lines, maintaining meters and replacing failing water mains.

Commercial / industrial customers also pay a “demand charge,” which is a flat fee based on the level of their historical usage. The demand charge is used for capital improvements to the water plant and infrastructure.