P.T. Wood is the Mayor of the City of Salida. He was reelected in November 2019 and is currently serving his second term.

P.T. Wood is a local business owner who has lived in Salida for 30 years. He has raised a family here, and is deeply committed to and believes strongly in the Salida community. P.T. moved to Salida to become a raft guide 30 years ago, and his passion for the river and the whitewater community led him to serve on the FIBArk board and the AHRA Citizens Task Force, along with helping to start the Arkansas River Trust.

Prior to being elected as mayor, P.T. served on the Salida Planning and Zoning Commission for 10 years, including 6 years as the Chair of the commission. P.T. is an active part of the business community in Salida and has owned multiple businesses, most recently as the founder and co-owner of Wood’s High Mountain Distillery. P.T. has also served as the President of the Colorado Distillers Guild and is the current Vice President of the American Craft Spirits Association.

P.T.’s personal interests include skiing, biking, and whitewater kayaking and rafting. If you would prefer to talk to him out on the trails or on the ski lift instead of in his office, just let him know!

Mayor Wood may be reached by phone at 719-530-2624 or by e-mail at