Sales Tax Collections Report

Press Release Sales Tax Report 03 2019

Press Release – for Immediate Release; May 31, 2019, 5:00 PM. March 2019 sales tax report. For more information please follow this link. more »

City of Salida Press Release 01.2019

Press Release For Immediate Release / Salida, Colorado – April 4, 2019 3:00PM. For more information contact the Deputy City Clerk at 719-530-2630  / Follow this link for today’s press release, which gives an update on the City of Salida Sales Tax, Chaffee County Sales Tax and Retail Marijuana Tax Report.  It also examines tax […]

April Sales Tax Increased 7.7%

Collections of sales tax for the month of April totaled $339,040, an increase of $24,101, or 7.7%, from April 2014. Each month, City staff updates a sales tax trend report. It provides data about sales tax, the most important revenue source for government operations, and includes other general fund highlights. The report can be accessed […]

City Makes Responsible Budget Cuts Due to Sales Tax Drop in March

Sales tax figures for the month of March became available this week. The city’s most significant general fund revenue source has been down for seventeen months in a row with only one exception.