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H Street Plan and Public Meeting March 3

H Street Plan and Public Meeting March 3

After hearing input from numerous residents at the City Council meeting Tuesday, Council decided to move forward with the H Street rebuild project.  The street design was modified to widen the parkways from 4.6 feet to 6 feet, allowing several mature street trees to be saved in the project area. The larger parkway will also […]

Arbor Day Tree Planting

Arbor Day Tree Planting

Students from Michelle Ludwig’s 4th grade class at Longfellow helped Curtis Milstein of Colorado Sticks and Stones to plant the Arbor Day tree this year. Two hackberries were purchased and planted in Alpine Park with generous Arbor Day donations from community members and organizations.  more »

Who do you recommend to trim the trees in my yard?

The Tree Board cannot recommend a particular business. The City Clerk’s office maintains a list of Tree Services licensed to work within the city. See the pruning section of the Tree Pamphlet for pruning tips. more »

If I get a street tree will it lift the side walk as many of the older trees have done?

The Tree Board attempts to pick trees that are less prone to this behavior. Tree roots, however, need oxygen and if the soil is compacted the roots must stay very close to the surface to be able to “breathe.” more »

Why hasn’t the city cut down the dead tree at my residence?

Trees are removed as funds and manpower become available. If you think you have a dead or hazardous street tree at your home call the Salida Public Works Department. more »

Why did the city cut down the tree at my house?

Many street trees in Salida were planted one hundred or more years ago. Some of these trees have outlived their normal lifespan. Such trees often described as overmature start to drop large branches. Some rot from the inside. Those trees that have been identified as potential hazards are slated for removal. If a tree is […]

Do even large trees need to be watered?

Yes. Although requirements vary by species (see Salida Trees for additional information) almost all of our trees will require supplemental water. Trees send out their roots over quite a large area. Most of Salida’s mature street trees get their water when you water your lawn. If you reduce water to your lawn do so gradually […]

How much water does my new street tree need?

For the first THREE years, young trees need weekly water of about 15 to 20 gallons in summer. In WINTER your trees need monthly watering when the ground is not frozen. To check for frozen ground use a screw driver, if its blade can penetrate the ground so can water. If you fail to water […]