Tree Steward Program


City trees are valuable assets to our community. They clean our air, shade our homes and increase the value of our properties. The Tree Steward Program is designed for those who are interested in helping maintain the beauty of our street trees. The amount of time required to be a steward varies from an afternoon 4 times a year to a couple hours every 2 weeks. Tree Stewards will pick one of the activities below to suit his or her level of involvement.

Tree Steward Activities

Activity 1 (10 stewards needed)
Time required: 4 times a year during a nice day.
Pick one of the neighborhoods to walk in the city.

  • Mesa (2): Poncha to Ouray, Ouray to Crestone
  • North of 7th (3): B-F, F-I, Sackett – 3rd (I-O)
  • South of 7th (2): C-F, F-L
  • East of B&C (2): Jones – Chilcott, Chilcott – Wood
  • Salida Trail

Check new trees (1-5 years old) for:

  • Leaf wilt, drop or scorch Surrounding vegetation (any green stuff?)
  • Mulch level (not mounded against tree)
  • Soil moisture
  • Damage deer, vehicle, weed-wacker
  • Cars parking too closely

Fill out a door hanger and place it on the resident’s door.
Cut suckers growing around the base of the tree.
In winter months after leaves drop, check for tree hazards (i.e. broken limbs, electrical wire interference, damage, etc.).
Fill out report sheet for Public Works.

Activity 2 (1 – 2 stewards needed)
Time required: approximately 2 hours bimonthly in spring, summer and fall months and once a month in winter months. Less time will be required if sharing this responsibility.
Water trees on F and G streets between 1st and 2nd (~30 trees). Each tree must receive 10 gallons of water. Tree Steward must be able to drive a standard transmission truck.
Report any tree damage to the Tree Board.

Activity 3
Time required: task dependent.
Assist Tree Board with pruning young trees, looking for planting locations and updating inventory.