A Guide to Salida Trees

This guide to Salida’s trees will help you select and care for the proper tree for your planting site. The main section of the guide lists tree species appropriate to Salida, with tree characteristics, including average size in Salida, flowers, and fruit; environmental requirements, including soil conditions, watering requirements, disease and pest problems; comments; and recommendations on each species’ suitability for street trees.

Photographs show specimen trees from around Salida. (Water requirements listed are for maintenance after establishment, all trees need regular watering to become established.) First are deciduous trees, followed by evergreens. Within those categories, trees are grouped by size: small, medium, and large.

Definitions used are those from the Salida city code (section 7-2-3): a small tree is one that reaches 25 feet at maturity (in Salida); a medium tree, one that reaches 25-40 feet; a large tree is one that reaches more than 40 feet tall at maturity. Search for tree species by growth rates or watering needs, as well as planting, spacing, and care instructions.

According to Salida city code, property owners are responsible for minor maintenance of street trees, including watering, fertilizing, and mulching; the city has the primary responsibility for planting, trimming, spraying, removing, and replacing these trees. Before planting, serious trimming, or removing a street tree, property owners must obtain permission from the City.

Many evergreens are wind-pollinated, producing copious quantities of fine pollen in late winter and spring. Those who suffer of respiratory allergies may not want to plant these trees.

Guide to Salida Trees