Urban Deer Task Force

On July 2, 2013 City Council passed Resolution 2013-41 to form an Urban Deer Task Force.

The Urban Deer Task Force was “created for a period not to exceed 180 days and for the express purpose of researching the urban deer population in the municipality and presenting to Council possible options for reduction of that population.

The Task Force presented their findings at the City Council meeting October 15, 2013: Salida Urban Deer Task Force Findings Presentation

Council appointed the following as candidates to the Urban Deer Task Force:

  1. Jim Elmore
  2. Jane Elmore
  3. Monica Hutson
  4. Monika Griesenbeck
  5. Susan Williams
  6. Katy Grether
  7. Jim Aragon
  8. Dale Hoffman
  9. Bob Prive


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