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ACH Payments
Electronic bill payment (ACH) is available for water and sewer bills. Customers need to fill out an ACH Authorization Agreement and return it along with a voided check to City Hall. Once set up, customers never have to worry about mailing a check again. ACH saves taxpayer dollars by helping the City operate more efficiently.
Harriet Alexander Field is located 2 miles outside the city on County Road 140. The City of Salida and Chaffee County are parties to an intergovernmental agreement for the long-term operation and maintenance of the airport.
Amplified Sound Permit
The intent of the City’s noise control ordinance is to eliminate and reduce unnecessary and excessive noise that is physically harmful and otherwise detrimental to individuals and the community in the enjoyment of life, property and the conduct of business. An amplified sound permit may be approved by the City Administrator to temporarily waive restrictions. Download the Amplified Sound Permit Form here or Contact the Deputy City Clerk. §10-9
Animal Control
To report a lost or found pet, please call the Salida Police at 719-539-6880. Salida does not require licenses for dogs or cats.
Aquatic Center
The Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center is a year-round facility which offers recreation and relaxation in natural mineral water. This sparkling clear and odorless water, once enjoyed by the Ute Indians, flows continuously into the pools refreshing and warming them naturally.
Aquatic Center/Pool Rental
Private rentals are available anytime after regular hours. Advanced notice is required in order to arrange for a lifeguard. Contact the Recreation Department.
Arborist License
Professional arborists are required to obtain a license from the City and file evidence of insurance. Contact the Deputy City Clerk. §6-4-10 through 6-4-40.
Colorado municipalities are required to undergo a financial audit each year. Past audits are available in the document library.

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Salida is a great place for cycling, whether you prefer road, mountain, townie, or cross. South Central Racing, a local club, supports the cycling community with group rides for all levels and spinning classes through the winter. Salida Mountain Trails develops and maintains a network of trails on public land near Salida. Maps of bike paths and mountain bike trails are available at the local bike shops: Absolute Bikes, Subculture Cyclery, and Salida Bike Company.
Salida is a popular whitewater destination, as the Arkansas River offers world-class kayaking and rafting. The town whitewater park plays host to the annual FIBArk rodeos and is accessible via a boat ramp near Sackett Ave. and G St. Another boat ramp is located near the stockyards below town.
The budget process involves developing standalone budgets for the City’s General Fund, Conservation Trust Fund, SteamPlant Event Center Fund, and the separate water and sewer operations within the Water Activity Enterprise Fund. The City has both general government and business type (or “enterprise”) funds. The government funds are primarily supported by sales taxes and intergovernmental revenue. Enterprise funds are used for business-type activities with user fees and charges expected to cover costs.

The City follows the rules in the Colorado Revised Statutes regarding budget deadlines and the public hearing process. The City Council must be presented with a budget by October 15 and is required to set a public hearing date, publish specific information and, ultimately, approve the budget before the end of the fiscal year.
Building Permit
A building permit is required for construction within the City limits. Download the building permit application, read more about building permits or contact the Community Development Department.
Business Registration
Salida currently does not have a general business license. However, licenses are required to operate as an arborist, a peddler, or any establishment selling alcoholic beverages. In addition, anyone renting lodging facilities for period of less than 30 days must file a quarterly lodging occupation tax return.

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Regularly-scheduled Council and commission meetings are posted on the City's meeting calendar. For local event calendars, see the Visitor's Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce, or the Salida Citizen.
Chaffee County
Chaffee County is on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado. Bordered on the west by the Sawatch Range, including the 14,000 foot Continental Divide, the eastern boundary of the county follows the Mosquito Range, descending toward the south. Located high in the Upper Arkansas Valley, the Arkansas River flows toward the southeast between the two mountain ranges.
Chamber of Commerce
The Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce offers detailed information on business, lodging, recreation and tourism opportunities in the area.
Colorado Mountain College has a facility in Buena Vista. The State College of Western Colorado, better known as "Western State", is located about an hour from Salida in Gunnison, Colorado.
Community Center
The Salida Community Center promotes an environment of support and advocacy for adults through fostering opportunities for fellowship, recreation, health, wellness and life long learning.
Construction, Curb Cuts or Digging
A permit is required for any type of digging upon or cutting of a public right-of-way, construction of sidewalks or pouring concrete within a parkway. See Public Works under the department listing for a brochure and a permit application or Contact Public Works. §11-1-30
Council of Governments
The Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments, together with the four counties of Fremont, Chaffee, Custer and Lake, provides quality services to promote self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyles for individuals and families by enabling them to improve their lives.

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A permit is required for any demolition within the City limits. Download a demolition permit application or contact the Community Development Department.
Dog Park
The Loyal Duke Dog Park is located on Holman Avenue between Hwy 50 and Poncha Blvd. Named for Loyal Duke, the park offers separate fenced areas for large and small dogs, water, a shade structure, and easy access to the Monarch Spur Trail. Read user comments at Dog Goes.
Dog Registration
Salida does not require registration for dogs or cats.

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Energy Now
EnergyNow is our countywide energy efficiency and conservation strategy, which provides information and incentives for homeowners, businesses, and government to conserve energy, improve energy efficiency and save money. The City of Salida is a sponsor of the energy plan and supports a number of energy conservation programs.
Event Permit
To apply for a special event permit with a liquor license, you must submit an application. The $25 or $10 State fee is no longer applicable. The City fee of $100 is still in effect. If a special event includes more than one vendor, a multiple vendor event permit is required. The permit can be submitted concurrently with a park rental and/or special event liquor application. Contact the Deputy City Clerk with questions. §6-2-10

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Golf Course
Salida's municipal golf course is operated by the Salida Golf Club. Both the course and the on-premise restaurant/bar are a local favorite.

A disc golf course is located just south of Poncha Springs.

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Hazardous Waste Disposal
The Chaffee County Landfill accepts only certain items considered hazardous to the environment, such as batteries and contaminated dirt. Contact the landfill office at 719-539-3738.
Historic Salida, Inc.
Historic Salida, Inc. is a non-profit whose mission is to research, preserve, interpret, and promote historic resources in and near Chaffee County. The City of Salida and the Historic Preservation Commission often partner with Historic Salida to promote this mission.
Housing Authority
The Housing Authority of the City of Salida was formed in 1969 to serve the citizens of Salida by providing affordable housing to the elderly and handicapped.

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Job announcements are posted on the website and included in our newsletter. Read our guide on how to apply and download an application. Considering relocating to Salida? Read more about our lovely little mountain town.

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Chaffee County operates a landfill located between Salida and Nathrop at 16550 Highway 285, 719-539-3738. See the Chaffee County website for more information including hours of operation, accepted materials and fees.
Landscaping or Excavation
A permit is required for any type of digging upon or cutting of a public right-of-way, construction of sidewalks or pouring concrete within a parkway. See Public Works under the department listing for a brochure and a permit application or contact Public Works.
Liquor Sales
Contact the Deputy City Clerk. §6-1
Lodging Tax
An occupation tax is imposed on persons or entities providing short term commercial lodging in the City of Salida, or "lodgers". Commercial lodging includes that provided by hotels and motels, vacation homes, rooms in private residences, or other forms of housing for periods of less than 30 days. The tax is based on a $2.50 flat fee per room rented in the reporting period. Rooms rented to tax-exempt organizations may be excluded from the calculation of the tax. The purpose of the tax is to fund parks and recreation and arts facilities in the City. Chaffee County imposes a 1.9% lodging tax used to support Chaffee County Visitor's Bureau.

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Motor Vehicle Registration
Motor vehicle registration is handled by Chaffee County. If you are registering an out-of-state vehicle and need a VIN verification, Salida Police can help you. Get the required forms at City Hall.
Municipal Code
Salida's Municipal Code is available online. Before passage, most ordinances go through a public process that includes two readings at council meetings, a public hearing, postings in the local newspaper, and a 30-day waiting period.
The Salida Museum contains a treasury of Indian artifacts, household furnishings, art, photographs, mineral specimens and tools associated with railroading, mining, farming and ranching. The museum collection, first displayed in 1954, was started by Mrs. Harriet Alexander, Salida’s first councilwoman, and Mrs. Byrd Raikes Fuqua, proprietress of Byrd Colony dude ranch, which began in 1925 and operated for many years in the Chalk Creek area of Mount Princeton. When Mrs. Alexander died in 1971, money left in her will was used to build the present two-room museum building, which opened its doors in 1976.

Whether you enjoy classical concerts held at the Salida SteamPlant (and a variety of other venues), bluegrass in the park, coffee house folk singers or classic rock bands in the local watering holes, Salida offers a surprisingly wide array of world class music for every taste.

Salida Aspen Concerts features internationally recognized artists as well as exciting new artists making their debut at the prestigious Aspen Music Festival and School. The series of six concerts offers an amazing opportunity to hear these world class artists perform classical and contemporary music in a quaint mountain setting in the heart of Colorado.

The Walden Chamber Music Society of Colorado presents a series of concerts each year sponsored by local patrons and music lovers of the region. They have received an enthusiastic response from the local communities.

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The Mountain Mail is the hometown newspaper. News and commentary can also be found at the Salida Citizen and Colorado Central.

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Park Rental
Prior approval of council is needed for use of City parks for private use, such as meetings and performances. Read the Park Rental Rules and Chisholm Park Rules. Use the Park Rental Application and/or Park Rental Addendum A forms to apply for reservation.  Contact the Recreation Department with questions. §11-3-20
Most historic downtown parking is limited to two hours.
Parks and Open Space
See Salida Recreation's parks information.
Payments should be mailed to the City of Salida, 448 E. First St, Suite 112, Salida, CO 81201. General questions should be directed to the Finance Department at 719-539-4555.
Police Records
The Salida Police Department contracts with Chaffee County for records keeping. Chaffee County maintains all of Salida police reports and documentation. The records division has three full time employees and operates from room 215 in the Courthouse. The business office is open Monday to Friday from 8 A.M to 5 P.M. 719-539-2814
Salida is the county seat of Chaffee County and its largest city, with a population of 5,317 according to the 2012 census estimate. Chaffee County has a population of 18,150. See the city or county census quickfact pages for more demographic information.
Property Tax
Public Transportation
Regional bus service, including travel to downtown Denver, is available via Black Hills Stage. Local shuttle service is provided by Chaffee Shuttle.

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Recycling -- including glass, aluminum, mixed paper, tin, plastics -- may be dropped off behind the Hot Springs Aquatic Center. Commercial recycling services are offered by Angel of Shavano Recycling.
Renewable Energy Sales Tax Credit
Solar panels and other renewable energy systems are exempt from Salida's 3% sales tax. To be eligible for a sales tax credit, the purchaser must submit to the City a final inspection certification for the solar power system from an energy provider showing the purchaser’s inclusion in a net metering program as well as an invoice from the contractor or purchaser showing the amount of sales tax paid on the solar power components.

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Sales Tax
The City of Salida imposes a 3% sales tax on gross receipts of tangible personal property and services as further defined in the Salida Municipal Code §4-3. Sales tax is remitted to the State and distributed to the City the following month. The majority of the City's general funds are derived from sales tax.
Sales Tax License
Persons doing business in the City of Salida must register with the State and obtain a sales tax license through the Department of Revenue.
School District
The Salida School District in 2012 was ranked 23 out of 182 districts in the state of Colorado. Read more about the district.
Sign Permit
Download the sign permit application or contact the Planning Technician in the Community Development Department. §16-8-30
At 365 feet tall, the smelter smokestack stands as a majestic monument to the mining industry and its workers, many of them Greek and Italian immigrants. Smeltertown was the home of the Ohio-Colorado Smelting and Refining Company, which employed some 500 people until World War I. Finished in 1917, this is the last of several stacks built ever higher to keep noxious gases from polluting surrounding ranch land.
South Ark Fire Protection District
The mission of the South Arkansas Fire District is to provide a safe environment and the highest level of professional service to the citizens and visitors within its jurisdiction.
Once the municipal steam plant, the renovated SteamPlant is an outstanding venue for the performing arts. In addition to a theater and meeting space, it features an outdoor sculpture gallery and a visual arts gallery with rotating exhibitions. The SteamPlant may be rented for private parties or events.
Street Closure
Street closures require prior approval by the City. Contact the Deputy City Clerk

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Tourist Information
Salida is a becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination with many natural and manmade attractions. Visit the Salida Chamber of Commerce and the Chaffee County Visitor Bureau for more information if you are planning a visit to Salida.

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Water Restriction Exemption
Customers may apply to the City Administrator for a temporary exemption of water restrictions to establish new landscaping like new sod or grass seeding. Contact the Utilities Clerk. §13-3-90 (a) (3)
Water Restrictions
Salida does not have mandatory water restrictions, but outside watering between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm is strongly discouraged. Watering during the heat of the day results in water loss due to evaporation.

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