County Granted Variance for On-Site Parking and Access Coverage Requirements

On July 27th, the City of Salida Board of Adjustments approved (with conditions) Chaffee County’s variance requests for their property at 104 Crestone Avenue (the Chaffee County Administrative Building and surrounding campus). The approval allows the County to count 39 newly striped on-street parking spaces along Thonhoff Park and the west side of Crestone Avenue towards on-site parking requirements for a proposed future addition to the campus. The approval also allows the County to create additional parking along W. Third Street (current EMS storage location) and to construct a maintenance drive lane between Crestone Avenue and the rear of the existing building (current access will be eliminated via the addition). With these approvals, an additional parking lot southeast of the existing building is no longer necessary, and the number of trees the County plans to remove as part of the project has been reduced from six to two. The Board voted unanimously 6-0 to approve the variance request and added the following conditions:

  1. Prior to construction of the drive lane, the applicant shall submit construction plans to City staff for administrative review.
  2. Prior to submittal, the applicant shall investigate alternatives to paving the drive lane, such as heavy-duty porous pavers, “grass-crete,” or other materials such as asphalt that will blend in with the surrounding green space.
  3. The access drive lane shall not be for use by the general public, nor shall it be used for the storage of vehicles. The applicant shall sign the drive with “No Parking.”
  4. The applicant shall make a good-faith effort to protect other nearby trees by installing root zone protection fencing as part of the access lane construction process.
  5. The applicant shall plant and maintain, within the green space, two new trees for every tree that needs to be removed as part of the proposed development and related tree assessment report. A landscape plan for the site, prepared by a certified landscape architect, shall accompany the plans submitted to City staff for review.

Elements of Chaffee County Variance Request for 104 Crestone Ave.

For questions regarding the conditions of the variance approval, please contact the City of Salida at: (719) 530-2634. Additional questions regarding proposed development can be directed to Chaffee County Administration.