Chaffee County Submits Request for Variances to Parking Requirements and Lot Coverage at County Administrative Building on Crestone Ave

In anticipation of a proposed future addition to their government campus at 104 Crestone Avenue, Chaffee County has submitted a request to receive: (A) a variance in the number of required on-site parking spaces for the building addition (eliminating the need to construct a parking lot in the grassy area southeast of the County buildings); and (B) a variance for maximum lot coverage in order to construct an access lane to the rear of the County buildings for deliveries, maintenance, voting machine storage, etc. The existing access to the rear of the buildings is anticipated to be eliminated via the addition between the existing buildings. A diagram of the proposed access lane is provided below:

Proposed Access Lane to the Rear of the Chaffee County Administrative Building (Chaffee County Image)


The County previously anticipated having to remove up to six trees to construct the access lane and an attached parking lot. With the newly proposed site design, four of those trees would be retained and two of the trees immediately behind the buildings would be removed. Per the County, the two trees would need to be removed with or without the lane, due to their age, size, and proximity to the historic courthouse building. The County has also proposed planting four new trees in the surrounding green space in order to increase species and age diversity for the longer-term tree health of the campus.

A public hearing for the variance requests will be held on July 27th, 2020 at or about 6:00PM by the City of Salida Board of Adjustment at City Council Chambers, 448 East First Street, Suite 190, Salida, CO. Interested persons are encouraged to participate in the hearing, either by attending in person (abiding by City of Salida social distancing standards) or by joining the hearing virtually at: The public may also comment on the proposals ahead of time. Please submit any email comments to by 5:00pm on July 27th. Further information on the application may be obtained from the Community Development Department by calling (719) 530-2634. To review the City’s social distancing policy and other regulations, please visit