Planning Commission to Review Rezoning & Right-of-Way Vacation Applications at East Crestone Ave & West 3rd St Related to Potential Future Affordable Housing Development

On Monday, June 22nd at approximately 6PM in City Council Chambers, the City of Salida Planning Commission will review an application to rezone a City-owned lot near the intersection of E. Crestone Ave. & W. 3rd Street from Single-Family Residential (R-1) to Medium-Density Residential (R-2), as well as an application for right-of-way vacation of a portion of E. Crestone Ave between W. 3rd & M Streets. See map of subject properties below:

The general purpose of the applications is to consolidate existing City-owned properties on either side of that portion of E. Crestone Ave that could be developed in accordance with the development standards of the R-2 zoning district. Planning Commission will make a formal recommendation to City Council, who is the ultimate decision-making body for both applications. Additional approvals would be required to construct a small-scale affordable housing development, as discussed below. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, public comment will be accepted in three ways: in-person; online at:; or via email submitted ahead of time. Please submit any email comments to by 5:00PM on June 22nd. In-person public comment for the hearing will follow requirements for social distancing and public health, as described in these COVID-19 Procedures.

Due to the need for affordable housing, the City of Salida and the Chaffee Housing Trust (a local affordable housing developer) have been in discussions about potentially developing the site with a mix of for-sale and rental units (up to six total units, inc. one accessory dwelling unit). A conceptual draft site plan, created by Chaffee Housing Trust (CHT), can be seen below in the context of the surrounding streets as they exist now:

The current plan envisions four buildings, including one duplex furthest to the southeast and three single-family units (one with an attached accessory dwelling unit- mislabled as “duplex” above). See below for a conceptual sketch elevation of the development (the buildings in grey furthest to the left are those existing at 705 & 715 W. 3rd St):

Parking would be accessed from the rear of the development via the new terminus of E. Crestone Ave.  Approval of the rezoning and vacation applications does not guarantee any transfer of property to the developer, nor does it constitute approval of this conceptual site plan. Any such development proposal would require a future Limited Impact Review in front of Planning Commission. The conceptual site plan has been provided to demonstrate the feasibility of such a development should the subject applications be approved and the site consolidated.

Under the conceptual plan, CHT would be responsible for all expenses related to the on-site development of the parcel (buildings, grading, sidewalks along W. 3rd St, tap fees, etc.), plus the relocation of the sewer line from E. Crestone Ave to M Street (to increase developable area of the lot).  Two conceptual options have also been provided for new street configurations near that intersection:

Street Configuration Option 1 envisions a cul-de-sac at the new terminus of E. Crestone Ave, with M Street being closed (not vacated) and replaced with a pedestrian-only connection between W. 3rd Street and E. Crestone Ave:

Street Configuration Option 1


Street Configuration Option 2 envisions M Street remaining open but reconfigured and regraded to reduce the potentially hazardous slope near the intersection of W. 3rd Street:

Street Configuration Option 2


Under both concepts, the City of Salida would contribute to the remainder of off-site expenses within the M Street/E. Crestone Ave right-of-way. Please see HERE for a summary of the estimated City of Salida financial contributions for the conceptual development.

If you have specific questions regarding the process or the rezone/right-of-way vacation proposals, please feel free to contact Bill Almquist, City Planner, at