We’re Always Working for You

Despite the crisis, maintenance projects and new initiatives keep our city moving forward

Even though City offices except for City Hall are closed to the public, that hasn’t stopped our dedicated staff from staying busy behind the scenes. Over the last month and a half, we’ve modified how we do business, but we haven’t slowed down much and our commitment to provide essential services and support to the community remains the same. A few notable projects and initiatives are outlined below.


Water for All

In early April, Salida City Council passed a resolution temporarily suspending late fees, delinquent charges and termination of water service due to non-payment. The Resolution allows more payment flexibility and ensures that good sanitary practices continue.


The Resolution does two things:

  1. Suspends late fees and delinquent charges to provide financial relief for people unable to pay their water and wastewater utility bills.
  2. Suspends the City’s right to turn off water service for non-payment so that Salidans can continue healthy hand-washing practices.


This temporary suspension will continue for six months following the end of the State of Emergency Declaration currently scheduled until May 6, 2020, although that date is expected to be extended again by City Council this week.


Sprucing up the Hot Springs

In mid-April, the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center pool was drained and given a thorough, deep cleaning. Staff also completed some routine maintenance in the pool area and added new safety signage. When it’s safe to reopen, visitors to the Aquatic Center will enjoy upgrades to the locker rooms as well. The locker room project fixed existing issues and will mitigate any damage from happening in the future. The front lobby is getting a facelift and will soon have a new entryway configuration and custom welcome kiosk to greet guests. We can’t wait for you to check out all the new features.


On the Move: Road Projects

Public Works is taking advantage of the mild spring weather and reduced traffic to complete roadway infrastructure upgrades and put new equipment to use.

  • F and G Street Improvements: The downtown streetscape received a facelift by milling and overlaying the asphalt pavement on F and G Streets and upgraded crosswalk markings were installed. Construction on G Street from Sackett Avenue to 1stStreet is currently underway which will include improvements to the sidewalk, curb, gutter, pavement, and increased parking capacity.
  • Blake Street Reconstruction: This project includes water distribution and pavement rehabilitation.
  • Concrete Maintenance: Sidewalk improvements at various locations across town have begun.
  • New Equipment: Public Works staff has been productive with maintenance projects including use of the new street sweeper and sewer cleaning and inspection equipment, along with the implementation of new asset management software.