Don’t Get Left Out

Got a few minutes? Filling out the census will improve your community.

A good count for Chaffee County can lead to federal funding for healthcare, public safety and emergency preparedness  (including wildfire prevention and management), business development grants, training for public school teachers, highway maintenance and construction, home financing for low-income older adults, homelessness, waste disposal and much more.

Each completed Census form will bring in approximately $2,300 per year, per person, to Colorado for vital community programs, and a good Census count in Colorado will lead to fair representation in Congress.

As of April 26, the self-response rate for Salida was 56.9% and Chaffee County was at 44.2%, providing an opportunity to increase the self-response rate in our community.

The Census Bureau suspended field operations due to COVID-19, but plans to resume the hand-delivery process on June 13.

For residents who have yet to respond or receive a Census packet, please complete the form at or by phone at 844-330-2020. Be a part of history and help shape Chaffee County’s future!