City Projects Continue

Salida, Co – The Salida Public Works Department has roadway capital projects planned for 2020. This includes numerous work locations for reconstruction, mill and overlay, along with point repairs to sidewalk, curb and gutter, and crosswalks.

The projects include Blake Street reconstruction, G Street parking and pedestrian improvements from Sackett to 1st, mill and overlay work in the general downtown area along with sidewalk point repairs. Weather and contractor scheduling will have an impact to the anticipated start dates of the projects. Due to reduced business impact and less traffic given the current situation the downtown mill and overlay project could be finished as early as mid-April. Tentatively, much of the work is scheduled to start early May with Blake Street improvements extending into the fall. The project requirements for the downtown overlay work will prohibit paving between May 20th and September 14th. These requirements were set forth in order to reduce the impact to residents and businesses.

We look forward to improving our City streetscapes with the completion of these projects. Property owners adjacent to work activities will receive additional information regarding the construction projects in the near future.

During this time our staff is dedicated to ensuring that public water and sewer service is maintained to the highest standards possible. Departments are adequately staffed and cross-trained in several areas in order to provide reliable service through these challenging times. Staff is available by phone and email as needs arise.

The City of Salida hopes the ongoing capital projects will help keep our community working.

For any questions on City of Salida capital projects, please contact Public Works at 719 539-6257.

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