Press Release-Air in Water Main


Press Release

For Immediate Release   Salida, Colorado                                            

For more information contact: Public Works 719-539-6257

 Air in Water Main

Salida, CO – A number of people reported dissolved air in the water main on October 25th. This may visually appear to be cloudy water. Staff investigated the complaints and tested the water. In this situation there was not any presence of a main break, loss of pressure, or anything identified as a health risk. Air can be introduced during construction activities or other situations such as improper irrigation system maintenance activities. Staff did flush several mains to improve clarity and to resolve the issue.

Citizens that have cloudy water and/or air bubbles are encouraged to open their faucets for a few minutes and the water should clear up.

If you ever have concerns regarding water quality, please contact the Water Treatment Plant at 719-539-6721 or Public Works at 719-539-6257. We strive to provide the City with the best quality water possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.