Lieutenant Russell Johnson to Succeed Chief Clark as Chief of Police

Salida, Co – The City of Salida is happy to announce Lieutenant Russell Johnson will take on the role of Chief of Police for the Salida Police Department on or about July 6, 2018.  He will be succeeding the current Chief Terry Clark who will be approaching his long awaited retirement after 32 years of distinguished service including almost 13 years as the Chief.  With his mentorship, Lieutenant Johnson will be able to quickly take on the many responsibilities of the position.

He brings over 15 years of experience in public safety, crime prevention, officer training/management and leadership. He has gained the experience through the United Stated Marine Corps and through the Salida Police department, where he is currently employed as a Police Lieutenant.  Prior to his current role, he served as a Sergeant and a Patrol Officer.

His dedication to the City of Salida and to the Salida Police department, as evident through his long tenure, will be a great asset to the City and to the community. Lieutenant Johnson began his work with the Salida Police department in 2004 and continues to transform it from within by contributing his administrative and law enforcement expertise, both of which are vital skills necessary to thrive as a Chief.  He is also very active in the community.  He serves on several boards, including but not limited to, Greater Salida Recreation District Board Member and Communities That Care.

If not at work, you will find Lieutenant (soon to be “Chief”) spending quality time with his lovely wife and three daughters. The City is thankful he accepted the position and we hope the community congratulates him if they happen to run into him at the golf course or out in the community.


Thank you!