Agenda and Packet Materials for the City Council Work Session and Regular Meeting

Agenda and Packet Materials for the City Council Work Session and Regular Meeting, to be held May 7 and 8, 2018 at 6 pm, respectively are now available online:

Work Session Agenda

Work Session Packet

Regular Meeting Agenda

Regular Meeting Packet

Regular Meeting Agenda is as follows:

  2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Led by Mayor PT Wood

III.       ROLL CALL – Mayor PT Wood

  2. Arbor Day Proclamation – Mayor PT Wood
  3. Family Youth Initiatives (FYI)-Dibby Olsen
  4. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION – 3-minute time limit. Citizen participation is for items not on the agenda and for agenda items that are not scheduled public hearings.


  2. Consent Agenda – (Lynda Travis)
  3. a) Approval of Agenda
  4. b) Approval of Meeting Minutes-April 17, 2018
  5. c) Council Approval of Pedestrian Easement in River’s Edge (Glen Van Nimwegen)
  6. d) Salida High School Cross Country

         Fee Waiver Request

  1. e) Salida Business Alliance-United States Air Force Concert Band (July 1, 2018 3-4:30 pm)

         Barricade Request

         Amplified Sound Permit Request

  1. f) Sellars Project Space-June 2, 2018

         Street Closure Request for Parade

         Amplified Sound Permit Request

  1. g) Spiral Drive Run-June 9, 2018

         Law Enforcement Services

         Use of Riverside Park

  1. h) Farmer’s Market-June 2-October 20, 2018

         Use of Alpine Park




  1. Ordinance 2018-09 SSG Holdings & City of Salida Property Exchange-Discussion to Table (Larry Lorentzen)

(Continued from April 17, 2018 Regular Meeting)


  1. Resolution 2018-18 Creating a Policy for Water Usage at the Non-potable Bulk Water Station (Larry Lorentzen)


  1. Resolution 2018-19 Reimburse Water/Sewer Enterprise for 1030 J Street System Development Fee Reductions (Larry Lorentzen)


  1. Resolution 2018-20 Appointment(s) to the Historic Preservation Committee (Glen Van Nimwegen)


  1. Resolution 2018-21 Appointment(s) to the Planning Commission (Glen Van Nimwegen)


  1. Administrator/Deputy City Clerk Reports
  2. a) City Administrator Report – Larry Lorentzen
  3. b) Finance Director-Jodi McClurkin
  4. c) Deputy City Clerk – Lynda Travis


  1. Elected Official Reports
  2. a) City Clerk – Alisa Pappenfort
  3. b) City Treasurer – Carol Johnson
  4. c) City Council – Kasper, Bowers, Brown-Kovacic, Granzella, Critelli, and Shore.
  5. d) Mayor – PT Wood



  1. ADJOURN –