2016 C and Teller Street Rehab

The street rehab is in full swing!

September 5, 2016

from 7 am to 6 pm

We should be wrapping up the C Street portion of this project by the 3rd of September and opening the street up to local traffic on that weekend. As promised, to reduce the strain on the area residences, church and Boys and Girls Club, we decided that the project was to be done in steps. So, the next phase will be on Teller St. It is scheduled to have an island, cross walks, some new curb and gutter, asphalt patching and new stop signs. No access in this area will be allowed.

All vehicles & trailers need to be moved off the area, if you are on Teller St in the construction area, we will need to shut water off to replace a valve, when we get to that portion we will send out a notice as well. If you need to access this area, we recommend that you use a side street, please be considerate of your neighbors.

Avalanche Excavating Inc.