A Message from the Mayor

On June 7, 2016, the Salida City Council passed Resolution 2016-59, i.e., cancelling the City Administrator’s Employment Agreement effective June 30, 2016 and terminating the City Administrator’s employment with the City effective June 30, 2016 absent approval and adoption by the City Council of a new Employment Agreement.

The Council then set aside as moot an alternative Resolution 2016-53, i.e., adopting a proposed Fifth Amendment to the City Administrator’s Employment Agreement.

Prior to the vote, the City Administrator made clear that she was unwilling or unable to perform the duties outlined in the Scope of Work for the City Administrator that the City Council adopted on May 17, 2016 through Resolution 2016-52.

After a divided vote by the City Council, the Mayor broke the tie by voting in favor of Resolution 2016-59.  The Mayor delivered a prepared statement that read in part:

“My fellow citizens, I was honored to be elected as the Mayor of our great City during the 2015 election.

Before I was elected last November, I told all of you that I was not a typical politician. I wanted to encourage dialogue, calm choppy waters, and change the operating culture of the City because it was just not working. From my standpoint, the City needs to focus more on solving issues while trying to avoid getting bogged down in the endless process of our community divisions.

Ultimately, I knew that we needed to check our egos at the door to protect the long-term interests of Salida. After I was elected I told you in December that I wanted to be proactive and not reactive, and to get ahead of the challenges within our community so that Salida can be prepared for the future.

Last March, I reported back to you after one hundred days in office and made it clear that we needed to dampen the polarizing and the volatile issues in our community and focus our efforts on more manageable gains. And tonight, it is time for us all to begin working together and share goals toward the greater civility in our community.

Over the past six months or so, I have worked with our City Administrator and have observed her management style and leadership qualities first hand.  I appreciate the Administrator’s commitment to the City and am thankful for her contributions to Salida.

Sometimes we have difficult decisions in hard situations as leaders and elected officials. This is one of those moments, and I have made my decision as your elected Mayor.

I am an independent and open-minded person who takes time to consider complicated issues like the one before me tonight. … Many of you will be disheartened by my decision this evening. But with the Council’s decision behind us now, it is time for all of us to come together as a community to celebrate our wonderful things we love about Salida and the vibrant future we can share. Tonight is the beginning of boundless opportunities for our City and I hope you will join me in taking constructive steps towards realizing that potential. If each of you contribute a helping hand and voice we can build a great future together in a transparent manner.

More than one hundred years ago, Teddy Roosevelt offered Americans some advice on pulling together in difficult times. He said: “Courage, honesty and common sense are essential to good citizenship; joined with courtesy, and consideration for others.”  We need to get back to the basics and remember that we are all neighbors ….. neighbors.

Because in my heart and mind I believe in the best thing for Salida, I am voting in favor of this Resolution 2016-59 and wish the City Administrator all the best in her new chapter.

I want to thank you for your confidence in me as your Mayor, and I want to thank my wife Jody and my daughters Jena and Jade for their support over these past few months.  I want to thank the City of Salida for their employees’ hard work and loyalty to the City and a greater cause than any one of us.”

The Mayor looks forward to working with the City Council and City staff as the City transitions to a new City Administrator, and hopes his message helps our community heal and move forward.