Colorado Sales Tax Law Class 05 04 2016

Look around downtown Salida and notice anything different? You may be aware that a number of improvements have been made to your town in recent years: reconstruction of H Street, Sackett Avenue and sections of other neighborhood streets, sidewalk improvements, stamped concrete crosswalks, more trees downtown, bike racks, clean streets, empty trash cans, and beautiful parks…the list goes on. Salida is looking better than ever today and it is thanks in large part to the sales tax collected from the dollars spent in Salida. Sales tax collections provide the vast majority of funds needed to pay for the general government activities of the City of Salida.

Without sales tax, the City of Salida could not pay for many of the amenities and services that one can easily take for granted. In addition to all the beautiful amenities in Salida, sales taxes pay for fire and police to protect and ensure the City is safe and to other departments that ensure projects are completed and infrastructure is regularly maintained. Simply put, without sales taxes Salida would not attract the volume of visitors or tourists that support the businesses, amenities, and jobs in our town. Nor would we all feel as safe without the excellent public safety personnel equipped to handle medical calls, accidents, crime (yes, even here), and other public safety incidents.

Ruth West, Colorado Department of Revenue Taxpayer Education Specialist, will present a workshop on Wednesday, May 4 at the Salida City Council Chambers, 448 East First Street, Suite 190, that will explain Colorado tax law; she will help develop practical skills toward Colorado tax law compliance and answer your questions. The class will be from 9:00 a.m. – noon. Following the sales tax workshop and hosted separately by the City of Salida will be an information session regarding the Salida occupation tax on lodging.

The session is free and open to the public. The class is ideal for new or current Colorado businesses who want to learn the basics and for tax preparers who consult with Colorado clients on sales taxes. Participants learn Colorado sales tax concepts including multiple jurisdictions and tax rates; how to use the DR 1002; what is available on the Taxation websites as well as Revenue Online services; state sales tax terminology and specific factors in taxation and filing situations.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits are available for this class.

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