2016 Public Works Yard Drainage and Paving Project

Sealed BIDS for construction of the Public Works Yard paving project will be received at the City Public Works Building 340 W Highway 291, Salida, CO 81201 until 9:00 AM, April 12, 2016. Bids will be publicly opened and read at 9:15 AM at Public Works Building 340 West Highway 291, Salida, CO  81201.

The project consists of new base, paving, ribbon gutter and trench drains for the two locations. The project asphalt quantity is approximately 2,400 square yards.

A Bid Bond in the amount of 5% of bid price is required, and Performance and Payment Bonds in the amount of 100% of bid, will be required.  The project is tax exempt, the contractor will be provided with the tax exempt number for materials purchases.

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on April 4, 2016 at 8:30 am at the City Public Works Building 340 W Highway 291, Salida, CO 81201. Contractors must have the capability to communicate via email and submit project documentation via cloud tools such as Dropbox.


The Public Works project may be scheduled for any mutually agreed two-week period between the Contractor and the Owner between May 2nd and July 30th.

Copies of the Contract Documents may be examined by at City of Salida Public Works Building 340 W Highway 291, Salida, CO 81201, or Crabtree Group, Inc. 325 D Street, Salida, CO (719.539-1675).

Copies of the Plans and Specifications will be available after March 22, 2016.  Electronic copies by email are available at no charge to qualified contractors registered in good standing with the Secretary of State. Paper copies of the Contract Bid Documents may be obtained from Crabtree Group, Inc. 325 D Street, Salida, CO (719-539-1675) upon a fee of $100.00 checks made out to the Crabtree Group, Inc. in advance and a contractor FedEx or UPS shipping account number for requests for shipped drawings to qualified contractors. Contractors email requests for electronic copies to both jdeluca@crabtreegroup.net & tvandaveer@crabtreegroup.net. Subject line of email must be Public Works Paving Project. All other requests for documents shall be to the City of Salida via public records request.

      3/15/ 2016                  

/s/     Bob Salmi      

Public Works Director

Date Advertised

MAR 22 & 23, 29 & 30, 2016