City of Salida Seeking City Treasurer

The City of Salida is currently seeking to fill a vacancy for City Treasurer.  The Treasurer serves as an at large elected official in the City of Salida.  Salida is a Statutory Government City.


QUALIFICATIONS:  Under Colorado statutes, a municipal legislator must be: a registered elector of the town or city where office is sought; a resident within that municipality for at least 12 consecutive months (or a resident of territory annexed to that municipality for at least 12 months); and at least 18 years old.  The statutes further prohibit any person from being a candidate for or holding two elected municipal offices simultaneously ; except that, in statutory cities, the offices of clerk and treasurer may be sought and held by the same person.


NATURE OF OFFICES:  The City Treasurer shall perform those functions as set forth in Section 31-4-111 and Sections 31-20-301 through 31-20-307 C.R.S. as amended, and as may be prescribed by City ordinance from time to time. The City Treasurer may in the performance of duties rely upon the City Finance Director and Finance Department for assistance and delegate such functions as are deemed advisable provided that the City Treasurer remains responsible for ensuring that statutory duties are fulfilled.


TERMS OF OFFICE:  When a vacancy occurs before the expiration of the current term, the City Council body may fill the vacancy by appointment or election, until the term of office expires and the term of a successor, elected at the next regular municipal election.


If you are interested in filling the vacancy, please contact Deputy City Clerk, Christian Samora, 448 E 1st Street, Suite 112, Salida, CO. 81201 to request an application for City of Salida Committees, Boards, and Commissions.  Those interested in applying will need to submit a completed application, a letter of interest explaining your interest in the position and an attached résumé.  For more information please call Christian Samora, Deputy City Clerk, (719) 530-2630.  Applications will be accepted until December 29, 2015.