Agenda and Packet Materials for City Council Work Session 11 30 2015

The agenda and packet materials are now available for the November 30, 2015 City Council Work Session.



2016 Budget Work Session

I. 2016 Fee Schedules

a. Services

b. Municipal court fines and fees for offenses

II. Cost of water and wastewater services – discussion of rate study and budget detail provided to RFC (subsequently revised)

a. Operation and maintenance (O&M)

b. Debt service

c. Capital

III. Impact of reduction in salary adjustments from 3% to 2%

a. $32,600 in wages + taxes across all funds and departments (~ 0.2% of total expenditures budget)

b. Re-cap of 2014 salary comparisons (for 2015 budget)

c. 2015 CML salary survey comparisons

IV. Discussion of capital spending

a. Parking lot acquisition

b. 2015 projects in progress; re-appropriate unspent funds in 2016

c. Harrington Ditch

d. Water system improvement project to be financed (Disinfection monitoring, Harrington Ditch, backup power); lengthy process for grant and loan approvals

V. Next steps for budget adoption