Agenda and Packet Materials for City Council Work Session 10 19 2015

The agenda and packet materials are now available for the October 19, 2015 City Council Work Session.



Water and Wastewater Rate Study

a. Revisions from Aug 31st presentation based on City input

b. Discussion of Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

c. Discussion of alternatives II.

2016 Proposed Budget

a. Additional changes to “Referendum” Version of Proposed General Fund Budget

i. Fencing for Union Pacific RR crossing to trails – $10,000

ii. Fire Station ceiling tiles – $8,200

iii. Decrease in COLA / Merit pool – $101,900 (GF & SP funds)

iv. Increase in Elected Official Compensation – $16,200 ($29,300 when fully implemented for existing members)

b. Community Funding – announce discontinuance

c. Discussion of Operating Priorities

d. Re-balancing the Operating Budget ($165,600 operating shortfall remains)

i. Cuts Made – New positions ($264,700), Community Funding ($30,000), CIP Special Study ($70,000), Tree Board ($30,000), IT ($7,500), COLA/Merit increases ($101,900)

ii. Other Operating Budget Cuts

iii. Operating Revenue Opportunities

e. Capital Projects

i. Any changes to list of planned projects?

ii. Discussion of staff capacity for managing projects and ongoing maintenance