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Packet Materials for Special Work Session 08 31 2015

Materials for the special work session about water and wastewater rates are available at this link. more »

Rate Study Recommendations to be Presented August 31st

A special city council work session is scheduled for Monday, August 31st at 6:00 pm in council chambers to consider the recommendations of the water and wastewater rate study. The city council retained Raftellis Financial Consultants (RFC) to conduct a comprehensive independent evaluation of the fees and charges of Salida’s water and wastewater enterprise … more »

Agenda and Packet Materials for City Council Work Session 09 01 2015

The agenda is now available for the September 1, 2015 City Council Work Session. (6:00 p.m.) CityCouncilAgenda20150901_Worksession CityCouncilPacket20150901_Worksession Audit Committee Work Plan & 2016 Budget – Hal Brown Plan / Timeline for auditor RFP – Jan Schmidt Recycling Center Location Discussion – Dan Osborn Workforce Housing Update – Dan Osborn more »

Agenda and Packet Materials for City Council Meeting 9 01 2015

The agenda and packet are now available for the September 1, 2015 City Council Meeting. CityCouncilAgenda20150901 CityCouncilPacket_20150901 REGULAR MEETING CALLED TO ORDER – PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Led by Mayor Jim Dickson ROLL CALL PRESENTATION Introduction of Danielle Campbell, Community Development Intern (Dan Osborn) CITIZEN PARTICIPATION – 3 minute time limit. Citizen participation is for items […]

Nov. 3 Candidates for Elected Office

The following have submitted valid petitions for the regular municipal election coordinated with Chaffee County November 3, 2015: Mayor: Candidate – Jim Livecchi Candidate – Forrest Whitman Council Ward One: Candidate – Russell “Rusty” Granzella Council Ward Two: Candidate – Cheryl Brown-Kovacic Candidate – Bob Gleason Council Ward Three: Candidate – Michael W. Bowers Candidate – Alisa Pappenfort   more »

Packet Available for August 25 Special Work Session

The packet is available for the special budget work session scheduled for Tuesday, August 25 at 6:00 pm at this link. The agenda for the special work session is a discussion of City Council’s vision, goals and priorities. Discussion will include: Review current vision and goals Vision Statement City-wide Goals Consideration of Data that Impacts […]

Vacation Rentals are Subject to Sales & Lodging Taxes

Our community has an increasing number of homes used as short-term rental properties. With the exception of structures classified as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), this is generally an allowable use of residential properties under the municipal code. However, any rental of short-term lodging units is taxable and the owners must collect and remit sales … more […]