Free Sales Tax Class Offered by CO Department of Revenue

The public is invited to hear Colorado Department of Revenue Public Education Specialist Ruth Allender Tuesday, July 28 from 9:00 am to 11:30 am at the Touber Building, 448 E 1st Street, Room 190 in Salida. Ms Allender will present a free informative seminar on Colorado sales and use tax law. Business owners, bookkeepers and accountants are welcome for this opportunity to develop practical skills toward Colorado tax law compliance.

Participants may register online at Click on “Register for a Free Tax Class” and follow the registration instructions.

This educational seminar is ideal for new or current Colorado business people who want to learn the basics and for tax preparers who consult with Colorado clients on sales taxes. Participants learn Colorado sales tax concepts including multiple jurisdictions and tax rates; how to use the DR 1002; what is available on the Taxation websites as well as Revenue Online services; state sales tax terminology and specific factors in taxation and filing situations.

Sales tax is the most significant source of revenue for municipal government operations. Salida relies more heavily on sales tax than other Colorado municipalities according to data compiled by the Department of Local Affairs. In 2008, voters repealed the property tax in favor of an additional 1% sales tax to pay for the operation, maintenance and improvement of streets and other infrastructure. This changed Salida’s total sales tax from 2% to 3%, and provided substantially more funding both for streets capital improvement projects and maintenance activities, specifically for operating expenditures of the public works organization to maintain streets and other infrastructure.

If you look around town, you will see the result of investing sales tax dollars in streets, parks and other infrastructure. Salida is looking better than ever today and it is thanks in large part to the sales tax collected from the dollars spent in Salida.

Did you know the estimated cost to rebuild one block of roadway with curb, gutter and storm drainage is over $150,000? Our streets and public infrastructure require a substantial amount of money to all come up to the level our citizens are demanding.

Sales tax also pays for emergency services personnel, recreation programs, community grants, court, planning and many administrative services. The amenities and services that one can easily take for granted rely on adequate operational funding that comes from sales tax.

Based on current restrictions, 54.3% of the City’s sales tax is restricted for capital spending. The remainder is available for operating activities – approximately one-half for emergency services, one-fifth for public works and the remaining 30 percent for services and/or legally required activities including the municipal court, public process, finance, administration, risk management, planning, arts and recreation based on the amended 2015 operating budget (after factoring in any related cost recovery).

Without sales taxes Salida would not attract the volume of visitors or tourists that support the businesses, amenities, and jobs in our town. Nor would we all feel as safe without the excellent public safety personnel equipped to handle medical calls, accidents, crime (yes, even here), and other public safety incidents. Without the ability to pay City staff who ensure projects are completed and infrastructure is regularly maintained, the City would not look as well kept as it does.

It is important to understand tax compliance and to keep investing in this community we love so much.

For more information about this class contact Heather Wright, Administrative Coordinator at 719-530-2620 ( or Jan Schmidt, Director of Finance & Administrative Services at 719-530-2623 (