Agenda and Packet Materials for City Council Meeting 5 19 2015

The agenda and packet are now available for the May 19, 2015 City Council Meeting.



  2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Led by Mayor Jim Dickson
  1. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION – 3 minute time limit. Citizen participation is for items not on the agenda and for agenda items that are not scheduled public hearings.
  3. Boys & Girls Club – Effects of Smoking Ban in Parks and on Trails
    1. Consent Agenda (Christian Samora)
      1. Approval of Agenda
      2. Approval of Minutes: May 5, 2015
      3. Salida Wine Festival
      4. Salida Brewer’s Rendezvous
      5. Salida Rotary 4th of July
      6. Poncha Springs Manhole Project Bid Award
        Resolution 2015-41
      7. Pool Sewer Line Bid Award
        Resolution 2015-42
      8. Block Party Street Closure



  1. Salida River Lofts Easement, 2nd Reading and Public Hearing (Dan Osborn)
    Ordinance 2015-08 approving an easement agreement with River Lofts of Salida LLC


  1. Block 19 Alley Vacation, 2nd Reading and Public Hearing (Dan Osborn)
    Ordinance 2015-09 vacating a portion of the alley right-of-way in Block 19 Between First and Second Streets and Southeast of I Street


  1. KCK Ventures, INC DBA Seasons Hotel & Restaurant Liquor License Application and Public Hearing (Christian Samora)
  2. Creation of the Downtown Entertainment District, 1st Reading (Christian Samora)
    Ordinance 2015-10 creating an Entertainment District authorized by C.R.S. 12-47-301


  1. Regulation of the Downtown Entertainment District, 1st Reading (Christian Samora)
    Ordinance 2015-11 amending Chapter 6 of the Salida Municipal Code to add regulations respecting the creation of an Entertainment District in which common areas for consumption of alcohol may be operated by a promotional association


  1. Agreement with Xcel Energy for Downtown Banners (Dara MacDonald)

Resolution 2015-43 approving a joint use agreement regarding street light poles owned by Public Service Company of Colorado


  1. Review Madison House Presents Event Plan (Dara MacDonald)


  1. Pedestrian Bridge Bid Award (Dan Osborn)

Resolution 2015-44 approving the award of an agreement for the South Arkansas Pedestrian Trail and Bridge Project and authorizing the City Administrator to enter into a construction services agreement between the City and Lowry Contracting, INC.


  1. Operating Budget Discussion (Dara MacDonald)


  1. Administrator/City Attorney/Deputy City Clerk
  • City Administrator Report – Dara MacDonald
  • City Attorney Report – Karp, Neu, Hanlon, PC
  • Deputy City Clerk Report – Christian Samora


  1. Elected Official Reports
    • City Treasurer – Cheryl Brown-Kovacic
    • City Clerk – Betty Schwitzer
    • Mayor – Jim Dickson
    • City Council- Keith Baker, Michael Bowers, Melodee Hallett, Eileen Rogers, Hal Brown and Tom Yerkey.
  2. ADJOURN –