Request for Engineering Design Services – Chlorine Level Monitoring System

The City of Salida (hereafter the City) requests proposals from qualified engineers to design a system that must be in place by May 2016 to monitor chlorine levels at two entry points in its water distribution system.

The scope of work for this project will include the following:

  • Review the compliance order from the State Water Quality Control Division
  • Prepare a written report summarizing alternatives and recommendations
  • Based on evaluation of alternatives and direction from the City, design a system to meet the compliance requirements that will operate with telemetry separately being sourced
  • Work with City to ensure design approval by the State (required)
  • Prepare bid documents using the City’s standard contract documents and forms


The City of Salida, located in south-central Colorado, has a population of approximately 5,300. The City provides utility services to approximately 2,700 water customers. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Water Quality Control Division has notified the City that is had determined that the City’s current monitoring location for entry point chlorine residual concentration is prior to the location where 4-log removal/inactivation of viruses can be achieved. The State is therefore requiring that the entry point chlorine residual monitoring location be moved to a location downstream of the water treatment plant to a point before or at the first customer where the City can demonstrate continuous 4-log removal/inactivation of viruses through additional contact time with disinfection. The City will be required to perform entry point chlorine residual monitoring at two different locations. Installation of the new continuous monitoring equipment must be operational no later than May 31, 2016.


Proposals will be received until 4:00 p.m. on April 24, 2015 at City Hall, 448 E. 1st Street, Suite 112, Salida, CO 81201. The City reserves the right to reject all proposals, or to reject any proposal in part or in whole, and to award the proposal to the most responsive and responsible firm as deemed in the best interest of the City. Further, the right is reserved to waive any formalities or informalities contained in this proposal.

At a minimum, proposals should include the following:

  1. Name, address, phone, email and website address of firm and primary contact for this project.
  2. Description of your approach to this project and any special techniques or suggestions to make the project effective.
  3. Describe the experience and qualifications of the firm and individuals who would be assigned to this project.
  4. Provide at least three client references for similar projects (Entity, contact name, phone and email address)
  5. Provide a budget with sufficient detail to understand costs associated with each major area of work and describe any alternative approaches that would change the total costs.

Evaluation Process

Prior to awarding a services contract, staff will evaluate the proposals and consider the qualifications of potential service providers by reviewing the substance, appropriateness and quality of the proposal and checking references from other clients. The total cost of the proposals is a significant consideration but not the only factor in awarding the contract.

The City may request additional information to further clarify, explain or validate the contents of any proposal. All supplemental information must be submitted to the City in writing within three working days of the City’s request.

Contact for this Proposal

Questions about this proposal should be directed to Lonnie Oversole, Water Plant Manager, at 719-539-6721 or via email at