City of Salida Announces Music Festival Coordinator

The City of Salida is pleased to announce the appointment of Beatrice Price as the Event Coordinator for the Madison House Presents (MHP) event in August.

In addition to adhering to the requirements of the contract with MHP, Price will Act as the City’s lead liaison with music festival officials and other involved agencies to prepare the community for a concert event expected to draw up to 35,000 attendees to be held on the Vandaveer Ranch in August 2015.

Price was chosen based on her event planning experience, communication and organizational skills, existing relationships with businesses and community members and knowledge of city departments.

The position is a temporary position which will run through September, 2015. Price will initially be paid by the City of Salida with full reimbursement from MHP.

“After the successful coordination of the Colorado Creative Industries Summit that took place here last May, we feel that she has the skills and abilities to be successful in this position,” said Dara MacDonald, City Administrator.