2015 Budget Package Finalized

The final 2015 budget package is now available for any interested parties. The City Council approved the 2015 budget during their regular meeting on December 2, 2014. All the various schedules and charts, along the narrative discussion, are now updated and finalized. In addition to the electronic copy on the City’s website, a hard copy will be delivered to the public library and is available at City Hall.

After a series of public work sessions with the City Council and a few interested members of the public in attendance, staff finalized a proposed budget and presented it on October 7, 2014. The public hearing and adoption of the budget was originally scheduled for November 4th; however, it was continued until the December 2nd meeting. In between the date the budget was first presented and the meeting when approval was requested, the City became aware that its grant request for outdoor soaking pools was denied. Therefore, the grant revenue and capital project were removed from the budget when it presented again. In addition, the City Council made another change to the budget with the motion to adopt it during the December 2nd meeting.

The budget package is presented in the level of detail approved by the City Council. A supplemental report posted on the website shows the account level detail that supports the major groupings of expenditures presented in the budget. In addition, the materials from all the work sessions are available on the website on the financial documents page.

As our last post regarding the budget stated, we encourage citizens to attend public meetings and speak to their council representatives so that broad community input can be considered during the budget process and course of other important matters. The community survey being mailed out in a few weeks is another great way to let us know what you value and how we should allocate taxpayer dollars in the future.