Sewer Jetting and Videoing Process in the City

The City of Salida Public Works, in partnership with Sewer and Storm Maintenance Company, have been working on sewer jetting and videoing throughout the City of Salida and Poncha Springs since late August. The work will continue until completed. The project is an important part of the maintenance and care of the City’s sewer lines.

This work is a necessary part of our maintenance, as the jetting cleans out roots and plant matter that grow into the lines. Additionally, the videoing of the lines shows the current condition of the lines and will provide information that will aid Public Works in creating a long-term plan to maintain and repair the sewer system. The videos will help staff to determine which lines are most in need of repair or replacement.

During the jetting vacuum pressure is used. Accordingly, Public Works and Sewer and Maintenance request homeowners and occupants check that their plumbing vent is open and clear of debris. Clogged vents have caused issues with plumbing pressure in a few homes. Plumbing pressure issues have been very rare occurrences throughout the city.

Please remember that this work is necessary to completely plan for the future condition of our City’s sewer system; it is very important work. In response to the Letter to the Editor in the October 8th edition of The Mountain Mail, Mayor Jim Dickson had the following to say: “The men and women who work hard to maintain the City’s infrastructure deserve our respect.  They constantly strive to serve this community as best they can.  If citizens experience problems during jetting, please contact the City so we can assist with a remedy.”

Thank you for your patience while we work to complete this City-wide project. For questions or to report problems please contact Cheryl at Public Works, 719.539.6257.