Salida celebrates Colorado Cities and Towns Week, October 20-26

By Emily Katsimpalis, Special Projects Coordinator

The City of Salida joins the Colorado Municipal League (CML) and over twenty-five participating communities throughout Colorado in celebrating the inaugural Colorado Cities and Towns Week, October 20-26, 2014. The purpose of Colorado Cities and Towns Week is to connect with our citizens and raise awareness of the multitude of services and resources that municipalities provide. From the clean water that flows out of your tap, to our beautifully maintained parks, to our Police and Fire Departments, the City of Salida is committed to providing the best services possible to the citizens that call this beautiful City home, and to the thousands of visitors that vacation or stop in Salida every year.

Municipal government is the level of government closest to most citizens and has a direct daily impact upon its residents. Through Cities & Towns Week, municipalities from across the state will showcase and celebrate cities and towns and the many services they provide. Mayor Jim Dickson will present a proclamation at the October 21 City Council meeting to celebrate Cities and Towns Week and to honor the men and woman working for you every day.

“It is a great honor to serve as your Mayor,” said Mayor Jim Dickson, “I love connecting with citizens through my work as Mayor, and the group of men and women that comprise the City of Salida staff are some of the finest I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Colorado Cities and Towns Week is a great way to celebrate our community and the people that work hard on your behalf to ensure reliable, quality services that you can count on every day.”

Our dedicated staff live and play here too, and their number one priority is ensuring the safety, security and enjoyment of anyone visiting or living in Salida. The next time you take a stroll through your neighborhood, enjoy a picnic at a City Park, turn your faucet on, flush your toilet, or catch a show at the SteamPlant Event Center, pause and think about the hard working men and women who care for our community and make it all possible.

I encourage everyone to visit for more information on a variety of municipal topics and videos that highlight the role municipal government plays in citizens’ lives, from public safety to promoting the area’s culture and recreation. The City of Salida will be playing the CML videos on Channel 10 throughout the week, and posting them to the City’s website ( Facebook ( and Twitter account (Twitter handle @CityofSalida). We will be encouraging posts from our Facebook and Twitter followers on a variety of topics related to the services the City of Salida provides. Please “Like” our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep apprised of the videos and topics we will be posting throughout next week.

Colorado Cities & Towns Week is sponsored by the Colorado Municipal League (CML), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in 1923 that represents the interests of 267 cities and towns. For more information on CML, visit To learn more about the City of Salida, please visit